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“Welcome to the 2019/2020 UK Ports Directory.

"I am sure you are well aware, that as an island nation, UK ports are central to our nation’s prosperity. It is no exaggeration to say they keep our economy going, with some 96% of all our exports and imports travelling through our ports each year. As we look to forge new trading relationships and demand for international trade increases, the role ports play will only continue to grow.

"Competition among British ports continues to thrive and as a result they are among the safest and most efficient in the world. Not only do they provide more than 100,000 jobs, they are economic hubs in their own right, driving wider local growth and supporting many more jobs in associated industries such as off-shore energy production.

"Our fishing, tourism, aerospace, motor, food, drink, electronics and chemical industries to name but a few, continue to depend heavily on our ports. I am delighted to see the sizeable investment in modernisation and improvement that is constantly taking place up and down our coastline.

"The UK is and always has been a leader in maritime. We know change is ahead, but we are well placed to tackle the challenges and seize the opportunities it brings. Increased digitalisation and automation have the possibility to transform our ports and I know many port operators are playing an active part in addressing global and local environmental challenges. The skilled people working in and around our ports are sought after the world over.

“We have much to be proud of in our ports. Through fair competition and smart cooperation there is every reason to believe our ports will continue to go from strength to strength”.

The Rt Hon. Nusrat Ghani MP

Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Department for Transport and Minister for Ports


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