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Aggreko UK Ltd

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Aggreko works with port authorities across the globe to provide rental power generation and temperature control services. These help to support customers whilst assets are laying idle, so they can be quickly re-mobilised when the time comes.

1. Environmental control equipment to preserve assets

Whilst vessels are laid up, it is important for on-board assets to be kept in optimum condition, so they can be redeployed in future without excessive cost.

Aggreko can install temporary on-board temperature control equipment to prevent corrosion, condensation and freezing, caused by unwanted moisture and salt from coastal conditions.

Using a variety of heating and dehumidification equipment, the temperature and humidity of internal air spaces can be controlled. This ensures void spaces within machinery and pipelines remain dry and prevents corrosion damage and moisture absorption into electrical cables and fittings.

By creating a stable environment, our rental equipment ensures assets, such as the engine room, bridge and sensitive electronic equipment, remain in peak condition, no matter how long it takes before they are recommissioned.

2. Cost effective power

Whether hot or cold stacked, vessels will require some degree of power for tasks such as routine regular maintenance, or heating and lighting for crew. By using temporary dock side rental generators, customers can shut down their main engines or existing oversized emergency generators and improve operational and cost efficiency. As we undertake the refuelling, servicing and maintenance of our generators, customers can save additional money and manpower too.

There is a growing demand for dockyards to consider using low carbon emissions power. In such cases, gas generators can be a viable option.

3. Equipment testing prior to redeployment

If market conditions pick up, a re-mobilisation plan will be needed. As part of this process all power supplies and HVAC equipment should be load tested to ensure it functions properly when returned to full working order. The Aggreko team is experienced at providing this capability to load test the main generators, emergency generators, and any cooling systems on the vessel.

Rental solutions offer three main benefits:

Flexibility: Rental equipment can be scaled up or down with very short lead times to supply variable demands.

Wide range of equipment: Renting equipment offers the ability to change equipment, dependent on ambient temperatures or on-board power requirements.

End to end solution: Aggreko provides a complete service, from site survey, through to installation, continuous maintenance, refuelling and extraction.

If you wish to talk to us about requirements, please contact us on +44 (0)3458 24 7 365 or email


Baltic Distribution Limited

Established in November 1998 and now part of Bergs Timber AB, Baltic Distribution Ltd operate the Port of Creeksea, on the river Crouch. A 45-acre facility within 50 miles of central London, consisting of undercover and outside storage we handle Forest Products, Metal and other commodities. The service offered ranges from vessel discharge to inland transportation via our inhouse transport division.
Baltic Distribution operates a timber liner service from Riga to the UK, with regular sailings every 2 weeks, helping customers maintain an efficient flow of goods in a cost-effective manner. Both undercover and outside storage is available in addition to onward inland transportation.
we cater for high and low pressure treatment on site.

For further information contact Matthew Mason on 01702 258551 or visit


Big Box Buildings

Big Box UK provide quick & cost-effective solutions to most industrial needs, across the country & internationally.
Bulk storage, ambient or chilled, gantry cover, loading areas, manufacturing/production & workshops, all logistics needs - we've got them all covered!
We do basic & standard or we offer as bespoke as you want; almost any size, shape & specification.
We do "temporary" (relocatable, lightweight, PVC roof & steel walls, steel frame or aluminium) and we do bolt-down all-steel permanent, with a no water ingress guarantee.
From small workshops to temporary buildings to huge bulk storage, 70m single span, 15m eaves height.
Most buildings can be retro-fitted to an existing hardstanding for speed & economy, though groundworks will usually improve performance.
Full Euro codes adherence & CE kite marked.
Basic shell of the building or full turnkey solution, including groundworks if needed, internal fixtures/fittings & even robotic logistics solutions, all in-house.
So if you need a building with lighting, racking, barriers & FLTs, for example, we have the people & the prices to make us your 1-stop shop.
Longer guarantees, stronger products, competitive long term Finance

Please see call 01430 449986 or email for information, quick pricing or to arrange a site visit, even if your project's speculative or a way off.


Blue Group

Blue Group are a provider of market leading material processing and handling equipment into the quarrying & Demolition, Recycling, Scrap, Ports and Energy segments across the UK and Ireland.

At Blue we offer total solutions, from single equipment specification and supply, to the bespoke design and installation of complete integrated processing systems. With an extensive but focused portfolio of world leading OEM brands in the materials processing and handling sectors, Blue combines the very best in proven equipment with the latest innovative technologies to give you a competitive edge to your business.

For further information contact Sean McGeary or Jacob Thrasher on 01606 261 262 or visit


SAMSON Materials Handling Ltd

SAMSON Materials Handling (part of the AUMUND Group) has established a suite of ship loading and discharge appliances tailored to the Ports & Terminals business handling dry bulk cargoes. Withover 50 years' experience designing and manufacturing bulk materials handling equipment, we are dedicated to providing solutions that are world-class in their concept, execution and delivery.

Our products are specifically developed to offer both flexibility in operation from existing berths and high-performance loading, whilst respecting the highest environmental standards for dust and pollution control.

Mobile Shiploaders, Stackers and Import Hoppers can be utilised independently on any suitable flat quay or integrated to a permanent storage facility, using mobile conveyors on the berth to retain flexibility. This allows the berth to be used for other duties when not required for bulk export.

For further information contact Sales on +44(0)1353 665001 or visit



Seabridge has its core competencies in Overnight Express Groupage and Full Load Freight to and from the island of Ireland. We are an Irish Company with offices in Belfast, Cork, Dublin, St. Helen's / Manchester and London / Heathrow and operate scheduled logistics services to and from all five locations.

Seabridge has a dedicated fleet of satellite tracked equipment and five warehouse locations. Seabridge has total control over the entire process and offers a guaranteed quality logistics service, with scheduled departures and arrivals.

Seabridge operates European Trailer Services, Bulk Chemical Tanker Service, Freight Forwarding Worldwide, Warehousing, Ocean Freights Service and World Air Freight Service.

For further information contact J Colton on +44(0)1744 762660 or visit



Silotank are a leading Manufacturer in the UK and Ireland for Chemical, Liquid and Drinking Water Storage Tanks, Bunded Storage Tanks, Process Vessels, Pressure Vessels and Environmental Systems.

Due to our manufacturing techniques, Silotank ''provide recommendations which are not biased by limitations in our manufacturing processes or materials".

Flexible in our approach to business and providing strong technical support, we are dedicated to supplying our customers the high-quality services you would expect from a market leader in specialist tanks.

For further information contact Collette Wilson on028 9 0626 256or visit