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A&P Falmouth Limited

Ship repair and conversion, Offshore Oil & Gas, renewable energy, large steel fabrication.
A&P Falmouth, part of the A&P Group, is superbly situated on the gateway to the English Channel, in the third largest, natural deep-water harbour in the world.A&P Falmouth makes the most of its natural resources and convenient location, close to the Western Approaches and shipping lanes of Northern Europe.
Ship repair Facilities
-Three large graving docks (252.8m x 39.6m/220.9m x26.8m/172.5m x 26.2m)
-Deepwater craned berths
-Afloat repairs in Falmouth bay
-Slops Reception facilities
-Class approved for in water surveys
-Accommodate vessels without gas freeing
-Stores reception facility
Falmouth has the capacity to accommodate vessels up to 100,000 tonnes, with workshops and resources, offering onsite engineering, fabrication, electrical, pipework, plumbing, and painting.A well-developed local and national supply chain provides all requirements for marine specialists and OEMs.
A&P Falmouth has highly skilled personnel and well-equipped workshops, providing the capacity to resource, facilitate and manage the most complex of marine engineering projects, in a safe and organised environment.
Port Services
Falmouth is a busy working port with deep water berths, cranes and a full range of equipment capable of handling bulk, break bulk and containerised cargoes.Located within the docks are over 30 companies, which provide a full range of services including stevedoring, towage, bunkering, ship's agency, port health, diving services, local surveyors, and chandlery and boat services. The Port also has many cruise calls with over 20,000+ passengers annually, who see Falmouth as the gateway to Cornwall and its beautiful attractions and scenery.
Ship repair and conversion
Dry-docking and conversion of Commercial vessels, Military vessels, Oil and Gas and Renewable Energy construction and service vessels.
Cargo handling and storage in Falmouth
Pontoons and shore side access systems
Design and fabrication of steel and concrete pontoons and bespoke access systems for ports, and marinas.
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Babcock International Group / Marine Division

Babcock has been operating as a commercial port at Rosyth since 2006, offering a combination of deep-water river and non-tidal basin berths.
Port Babcock Rosyth provides a new innovative customer focussed approach to commercial port activities and also offers a joined-up engineering and manufacturing facility combined with load in, load out capability.
At Rosyth, Babcock also delivers a vessel repair, renewal, fabrication and commissioning service from fully serviced docks and berths, capable of accommodating vessels up to 60,000 tonnes. Our highly skilled workforce operates within the high technology sector having a wealth of experience in all aspects of ship repair.

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Bibby Marine Limited

Bibby Marine
We own and operate Walk to Work Service Operations Vessels, and floating hotels for workersoffering flexible near shore accommodation.We are a subsidiary of Bibby Line Group, a family-owned British company with a maritime heritage dating back more than 210 years and annual global turnover of £800.
Our two Work Service Operations Vessels (SOVs) are named the Bibby WaveMaster 1 and Bibby WaveMaster Horizon.
Why use our WaveMaster SOV's?
Our SOV's provide comfortable and modern living conditions and safe access to remote working locations such as offshore wind farms and oil & gas platforms. The SOV's offer flexible deployment and feature dynamic positioning, advanced gangways, motion compensated cranes, and various options fortechnician access (heli-deck, daughter craft and Crew Transfer Vessels).
Our WaveMasters are eco-friendly (with minimal harmful emissions and very low fuel consumption) with high quality accommodation including en-suites with TV, WIFI and facilities such as gyms and gaming rooms.
Floating accommodation barges
We also own and operate six floating accommodation barges; Bibby Challenge, Renaissance, Stockholm, Progress, Bergen and Pioneer. All designed to provide nearshore floating accommodation services globally to a range of clients from construction through to hospitality.
Why choose our floating accommodation barges?
-Worldwide capability (wherever you require)
-Convenience and comfort (with hotel standard facilities)
-Tailored for you (as much or little assistance as you require)
-Worker satisfaction (quality living areas on board)
-Low environmental impact
-Cost effective
We work in industries ranging from oil and gas, to shipyards, and for humanitarian causes (amongst others.)
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Harland and Wolff

Harland and Wolff Industries Limited is a leader in design engineering, ship repair & conversion, manufacturing, assembly and logistical services for renewable energy projects.
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Hythe Shipyard

Hythe Shipyard operates a heavy slipway for commercial and non-commercial vessels up to 55 metres, plus a 100 Ton travel hoist.

Our professional and experienced team can also provide solutions for emergency and short-notice haul-outs for RIBS, leisure yachts, workboats, barges and superyachts. 10,000m2 of undercover vessel storage is available for short-term routine maintenance to long-term build/refit projects. Alongside and deep-water moorings are also available for vessels 10m to 100m, with easy and unrestricted access to the Solent.

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We've got experience and competence to carry out comprehensive shipyard projects. Our activities adhere to the rule of offering our customers across the board services while relieving them of time and price risks.
We pay high attention to proper planning, use of cutting edge technical solutions and keeping deadlines while maintaining an adequate and competitive price level. Fulfillment of regulations pertaining to safety at work and environment are treated as a first priority.

The portfolio of our customers consists of ship owners, new build and repair shipyards as well as businesses from the off-shore industry (operators of rigs and supply vessels).

The scope of our services comprises of, but is not limited to:
- Hull construction and assembly
- Modification and adaptation of ships and rigs
- System installation and start-up
- Assembly of pipe installations
- Welding works
- Electrical works
- Project management.

We operate globally through our international network nad work on 24/7 basis with very short mobilization times for both personnel and equipment. We can perform our tasks both at the shipyards and during vessel's voyage or at-sea operations.
More information:www.intermarineuk.comMARINE ENGINEERING


Inter-Marine UK Ltd

Inter Marine - Shipping: Shipyard & voyage repair - a core business strength, our high-quality repair works can be undertaken anywhere in the world, including at sea. Conversion & mobilisation - upgrades, alterations, changes of purpose; we can handle any scale of project on your behalf. Ship building - we can apply our fabrication skills to new build ships or modular projects, from steelwork to out-fitting.
For further information contact Mark Bowden or David Bailey on+44(0)1305 470190 or visit Inter Marine - Shipping: Shipyard & voyage repair - a core business strength, our high-quality repair works can be undertaken anywhere in the world, including at sea. Conversion & mobilisation - upgrades, alterations, changes of purpose; we can handle any scale of project on your behalf. Ship building - we can apply our fabrication skills to new build ships or modular projects, from steelwork to out-fitting.
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Macduff Ship Designs Ltd

Macduff Ship Design Ltd has become one of the most prolific naval architect and marine consultancies in the commercial and fishing sectors.
It's 6m to 50m designs are seen across the world in numerous forms: work boats, tugs, fishing vessels, ferries, pilot boats, petrol boats, dredgers, research vessels and multipurpose vessels.We offer a comprehensive range of professional and technical Naval Architecture and Consultancy services to the commercial marine and fishing industries.
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P&D Marine Services

&D Marine Services offer a solution for any project within a boatyard, marina, or water course environment. If you need to move it, store it, lift it, we have a solution. Our team is highly experienced and qualified to understand the workings of a busy boatyard, marina or harbour and it's for this reason why P&D Marine Services are the go-to people when customers need a solution for their projects.

With a wealth of experience and knowledge P&D Marine Services offers a turnkey solution that will meet your exacting requirements. With over a decade of delivering the best solutions and by carefully selecting the right high-quality products, combined with the very best services. P&D Marine Services provide solutions delivered by staff with extensive experience of working in the industry, both afloat and ashore. We are passionate about helping companies and individuals to develop their plans both on and off the water through our full range of products and services.
As part of the highly regarded P&D Marine Group, P&D Marine Services brings a wide range of solution delivered by personnel who are highly experienced within the marina sector.
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Penzance Drydock

Refit, repair conversion and class - approved testing for vessels up to 75m
Since 1834, the marine engineers at Europe's oldest dry dock have been known for their outstanding attention to detail, good humour and sound, down-to-earth advice. Perfectly located at the UK's south western tip, Penzance Dry Dock is fully equipped for all kinds of marine engineering, with an experienced team and skilled contractors on hand.
Engineering works that stand up to time, use and the elements

It's not only aboard ship where a knack for sturdy, corrosion-resistant engineering comes in useful. From structural steelwork to seafront railings, you'll find our handiwork wherever something's built to take a beating, and last. All our work is carried out to ISO9001 standards, by experienced engineers, in our fully- equipped engineering workshop.

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Rix Cargo Solutions

Rix Cargo Solutions (formerly known as Rix Shipping Scotland) are a one-stop shop for all your port-side requirements.

Leading company of Shipbrokers - Stevedores Forwarding Agents, Haulage Contractors, Warehouse Owners & Bunkers.

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Solent Stevedores prides itself as being an innovative and progressive Stevedoring, Storage and General Cargo Handling business as well as an expanding Terminal Operator.
The company first began trading at the Port of Southampton in 2000, initially operating the Dry Bulks Terminal, which currently handles well over 1 million tonnes of import and export cargoes per annum and has recently announced the development of a cement handling terminal, which is expected to increase cargo throughout.
For the last 10 years the business in Southampton has also included baggage and stores handling for 85% of the 500 or so, passenger ships which call into the busiest cruise port in Northern Europe.
In 2024, the company entered into a term deal with port owners, ABP, to expand the Rail Terminal, which Solent Stevedores has been successfully operating for a number of years.
An investment of ?17.2m has created space for a 12 acre expansion of the site for storage, including additional reefer points, as well as facilities for container maintenance and repair.
Solent Stevedores also undertakes a growing number of Project Cargo handling operations and also has responsibility for a 120,000 sq. ft temperature controlled warehouse, adjacent to a deep water quay.
Elsewhere within the UK, Solent Stevedores operates a Cementitious store in the Port of Immingham, handling both pulverised fly ash and cement, and continues to handle significant quantities of raw sugar imports at Silvertown on the River Thames, on behalf of Tate & Lyle.
In 2018 the company opened an 8 acre Storage Depot for empty containers at London Gateway port.
Outside the UK, Solent Stevedores has, for 8 years, been responsible for stevedoring activity at the port of St Helier, in Jersey, and has recently extended its Stevedoring Licence for a further 11 years.
In addition, the company has a Cruise Baggage Handling operation in Singapore and a RO/RO and Bulk Stevedoring business in the French Port of St Malo.

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