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Thermal Road Repairs

Thermal Road Repairs: Decarbonising the asphalt repair industry.
Thermal Road Repairs offers a high output, low emission, zero waste, permanent solution to asphalt defect and pothole repairs.
Unlike other methods, Thermal Road Repairs offers a right first-time solution. Our heaters produce a homogenous repair with a seamless thermal bond, stopping water ingress and failures. Our process is fast, efficient and cost effective and can be used on any asphalt type.
With no cutting, sawing or jackhammering we are not only great for use in built up areas, but we offer low HAVS and noise pollution.
And because there is just 1 self-contained vehicle it means we limit any impact in or around the port and avoid multiple vehicles traveling to and from the site.

Our heaters are designed so that they can repair asphalt defects and potholes not just around the port but also in between the containers.

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do and we are always looking to lower our carbon emissions and environmental footprint.

Our low emission repair process offers carbon emission savings of more than 85%, compared to traditional methods.

Our process is zero waste, recycling 100% of material in the pothole or asphalt defect, meaning there is no waste produced or taken from site, with only a minimal amount of asphalt added to replace any that is missing from the area.
Our vehicles are fitted with solar panels, harnessing energy for our heaters and vehicle itself. And our heaters are not only fitted with solar panels but also run on biofuel, further reducing our carbon footprint.
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