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Bartech Marine

Bartech has been building a strong reputation for improving diesel engine reliability, safety and performance since it was formed in 1987. Almost immediately we began supporting major companies such as Shell, Lockhead and the OEM, Paxman Diesels, who relied on our specialist knowledge.

Fundamental to this growth has been the focus on our core beliefs of building long-term partnerships by sharing our expertise.

Even though our specialist diesel engineering services centre on engines, governors, turbochargers and fuel pipes, we constantly strive to enhance our support capabilities and develop our range of services.

Bartech has a strong team with varied specialised backgrounds including OEM training, CMM, machining, project management, quality, logistics, IT and administration which equips us to respond effectively and in a cost-efficient way to your specific requirements. These in-house skills are backed by the core company values reinforced by family ownership.



Mechway - Port Solutions Provider.
Mechway is rapidly emerging as a trusted provider of comprehensive services within the warehousing, demolition, mining, agricultural and waste management sectors, offering tailor made solutions such as: Storage solutions & mezzanines, impact protection, roller door installations, fire & dust suppression systems, mobile cabins & MHE. Also, being official distributors for the Kingspan and Karcher brands allows Mechway to purchase equipment and material for project works at a favourable rate, passing these saving onto the customer. The backbone of Mechway's ethos is customer care, they understand that clients have their own internal pressures, therefore Mechway strives to install confidence in its clients by supporting them through both favourable and challenging times.
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