Supplier Detail

Blok 'N' Mesh

We're a global market-leading manufacturer of temporary perimeter protection systems

Every year, we manufacture...

Over 1,000,000 temporary fencing panels
Over 500,000 pedestrian barriers
Over 100,000 site hoarding panels

With most of our product range manufactured entirely in-house from our factories in Liverpool and Peterborough, we manufacture over 1,000,000 temporary fencing panels, 100,000 site hoarding panels and 500,000 pedestrian barriers as well as many other products.

We lead the industry in product design and manufacturing, producing some of the industry's most innovative solutions in temporary perimeter protection systems to improve safety and suit industry-specific applications.

As a Blok 'N' Mesh customer, you can be safe in the knowledge that you are buying or hiring products direct from a manufacturer with a wealth of knowledge and experience.
We're so serious about sustainability, we bought a recycling plant
Operating a dedicated facility, recycling 50 tonnes of waste plastic every day
Manufacturing several product lines made from recycled material
Striving to manufacture highly reusable products which can be recycled at end-of-life
We're immensely proud of our contribution to minimising plastic waste in the construction sector and will gladly show visitors around our state-of-the-art recycling and production facilities.