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We area leading provider of marine energy solutions. With over 30 years of industry experience, we provide expertise and resources to deliver agile and innovative solutions to our customers worldwide. We are committed to providing you with personalised guidance that can be integrated into your business operations,delivering real value and peace of mind.
Baseblue navigates you towards solid energy solutions. Safely guiding you towards your business goals by offering complete, dependable, reliable marine energy solutions that deliver greater peace of mind effectively, consistently, and competitively.
Created through the merger of three leading marine fuel providers, Bunkernet, BMS United, and SBI Bunkering BV, our unified global network proactively fuels the shipping industry towards a better future.
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Enerview Solutions

At Enerview Solutions, we are passionate about providing renewable energy solutions that are clean and efficient. We are dedicated to offering innovative and sustainable energy solutions that will help our customers reduce their carbon footprint and make their homes and businesses more energy efficient. Our team is highly experienced and knowledgeable in the field of renewable energy, and we are committed to providing our customers with the best possible solutions. Whether it's solar, onshore and offshore wind services, electric vehicle charging points or hydro-power consultations, we have the right solutions to help you reach your energy goals.

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Independent Utility Advice Ltd

Independent Utility Advice offer a wide range of energy procurement strategies, energy services and technology. We have access to commercial energy tariffs from major gas and electricity suppliers, providing businesses with a comprehensive utility management service. Businesses of all sizes from global blue-chip organisations to start-ups, from all sectors, rely on our proven knowledge and expertise. As we all accelerate towards a sustainable low-carbon economy, the importance of finding the right partner has never been greater. We understand how important it is for organisations to reduce carbon emissions and this has become a key priority within our business. Independent Utility Advice supports businesses to reduce energy consumption, keep costs under control and develop a robust Net Zero strategy. IUA also have additional offerings such as: Business Finance, R&D Tax rebate, Water rebate, solar and many more.


Ortus Energy

Ortus Energy specialises in distributed energy projects, saving our clients' money on their bills and creating energy security.
Ortus Energy assess the technical and economic feasibility of solar energy developments to identify the most cost effective and beneficial solution to meet clients' needs.

The Ortus Solar PPA
Offers solar energy with no upfront costs. You simply benefit from reduced electricity rates, allowing you to save money on your energy bills when this electricity is purchased at a cheaper rate than from a traditional grid supplier.


PD&MS Group

We have a clear vision and strategy to support the industry maximise economic recovery, decarbonise oil and gas infrastructure and further extend our services across the global energy and industrial sectors.
We will leverage our multi-skilled workforce and highly transferable skills to support the energy transition. As a Group, we are passionate about the industries we serve, and we commit to playing a leading role in the decarbonisation of assets and infrastructure, making both incremental and transformational change to achieve net zero targets.
Our people, approach and out the box thinking ensures that we challenge convention to provide optimum solutions across oil & gas, renewables and the wider energy and industrial sectors.
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Prolectric Services Ltd

Prolectric is the off-grid, renewable lighting and power specialist and leading manufacturer of sustainable solar lighting, solar hybrid power generators and solar CCTV systems. The company's game-changing solar technology provides a practical way for businesses to achieve their carbon-reduction commitments, enabling them to move away from polluting fossil fuelled or mains powered systems. Their solar tower lights, hybrid generators & CCTV provide high-performance site lighting, power and security - with minimal environmental impact & low running costs and are tried and tested and proven to work all year round, in all weather conditions. As a specialist sustainability innovator, Prolectric was awarded the Queen's Award for Sustainable Development in 2021 and holds a Gold CSR accreditation. Prolectric's pioneering solar and off-grid systems are designed, built and engineered by an expert in-house Research & Development team at the company's Headquarters in Clevedon, Bristol. For further information contact Call Freya Saunders on 01275 403171 or visit


Rouute Technologies Ltd

We are ROUUTE a social impact brand committed to a sustainable future.

We are powering change by helping businesses and cities reach net zero by using the world's first integrated road-based energy harvesting system.

Providing more cost effective, more sustainable and more efficient energy.

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Syntech Biofuel

Syntech Biofuel is a renewable energy company based in the South East, producing smart fuels for power generation & the construction sectors.
Our fully sustainable Biofuel helps to create a better world with significantly lower emissions, all produced from waste.
We produce fully sustainable Biofuels that will help to create a better world and a healthier planet for humanity and all other species that depend on it.
That's a great thing, right? Of course, it is, read on.
Syntech Advanced Smart Biofuel (Syntech ASB)is used to create clean renewable energy and an alternative to fossil fuel diesel with powerful reductions in harmful emissions. This is vital to achieving Carbon Net Zero targets and tackling Climate Change.
Every litre ofSyntech Advanced Smart Biofuelused in place of fossil diesel reduces CO2 greenhouse gas emissions by up to 86%.
That's why it's Smart!
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