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Harvest Rail

Who are we?
New division of the edilon)(sedra Group under the James Walker portfolio.
At Harvest Rail, our team consists of a group of dedicated rail professionals who are deeply passionate about the industry and are driven to make significant advancements in our respective fields. Our diverse team comprises full-time experts who are considered leaders in their specialities, as well as a select group of part-time and semi-retired engineers. Together, we form a formidable force committed to effecting positive change within the Railway and Container Port & Gantry Crane Rail Sectors. With our wealth of knowledge and expertise, we deliver transformative solutions that push the boundariesof performance, quality and safety.

-Crane rail repair service for marine & port infrastructure
-Crane rail health checks for predictive maintenance
-Reduces time & cost
-Improved safety, quality & longevity of repair
-Bespoke precision grinding solution

Designed as a bespoke solution, the Sky Grinder enables precision preparation & final profile grinding to tight tolerances in conjunction with advanced semi-automatic robotic welding units specifically tailored to the unique environment and tight clearances working at height on Gantry Crane Rail and Hinge Joints.
The Sky Grinder has its own base that clamps to the rail and fits over hinge joint to enable precision preparation and final profile grinding of hinge joint and gantry beam/rail seat.

For more information contact Nigel Davis on+44 (0) 7853 184 440 or or


Houghton International

Houghton International improves the performance of electro mechanical assets around the world.We use our technical expertise to work with customers to solve their problems, life extension services for motors, generators, pumps and all electrical rotating equipment.

Our Services
-Electric Motor Services
-Pump Services
-Generator Repair & Maintenance Services
-Gearbox Services
-AC & DC Traction Motor Services
-Rail Services
-Transformer Repair & Maintenance Services
-High Voltage Coils
-Electro Mechanical Site Services
-Electrical & Mechanical Services
-Engineering Consultancy Services

-24-Hour Emergency Repair Services

For further information contact Jessica Pooley on 0191 234 3000 or visit