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ABLOY is an internationally renowned security and locking innovation company, and UK Critical Infrastructure organisations have been specifying Abloy locking solutions for over 50 years, with proven success in remote locations and harsh environments.
Several major Critical Infrastructure businesses have engaged with Abloy's Digital Transformation Team to install the CLIQ locking system including Associated British ports, Gatwick Airport, Network Rail and Highways Agency. The systems capabilities provide benefits across multiple departments including Security, Operations, H&S and Competency:

- No more SECURITY THREAT of missing keys - access permission for missing keys can be revoked immediately
- No more RISK of shared or lost keys - staff and contractors can only use their own key to gain access to designated areas
- Full AUDIT TRAIL - you know who has used which key, where and when
- Guaranteed Operational TIME SAVINGS - update keys on the move without visiting central hub
- Sustainbility improvements and reduction of carbon foot print by reducing unnecessary travel to collect keys
- Integrated HEALTH AND SAFETY MANAGEMENT- integrate CLIQ into H&S processes to reduce RISK associated with areas such as High Voltage, Lone Working and At Height
- Permit To Work integration ensures permits to work are up to date and only allows access when certified
- Prove Cometency, ensure compliance - CLIQ keys and locks provide analytics and traceability of every action providing data to support individual competency requirements

For further information contact Phil Rice on +44 (0)1902 364500 or visit


Cyber Prism Ltd

Cyber Prism Group's highly experienced team provides a complete range of cyber security services for Ports, Marine, Oil & Gas and Renewables:

Survey - review all assets, systems and personnel
Protect - install protection against identified vulnerabilities
Respond - contain, recover from attack, restore data

Additional Services:

Cyber Awareness Training, Regulations Compliance and Procedures Documentation
Insurance Cover can be improved with Cyber Security Package including OT protection
ProcessGuardTM proprietary technology platform protects IT & Operational Technology networks .

For further information contact Tim Parker on email


Dublin Port Company

Dublin Port Company is a self-financing, private limited company by the State, whose business is to manage Dublin Port, Ireland's premier port. Dublin Port Company provides world-class facilities, services, accommodation and lands in the harbour for ships, goods and passengers.

For further information contact Charlie Murphy on +353 1 8876000 or visit



IDScan are the only company that can truly authenticate a document.
Scannet is the only system that checks a document on all of the following areas:
Visible image
Ultra Violet
Facial recognition
Chip reading
It authenticates in under 5 seconds and we have the largest library in the world in which all scans are checked against.

For Further Information Please Contact Jade Kirk on07376044145or visit www.GBGPLC.COM


JB Corrie & Co Ltd

JB Corrie & Co Ltd, UK based and Nationwide Serving Fencing and Security equipment manufacturer, supplier and installer, providing protection to the UK Critical National Infrastructure, Resources and Assets. Compliance with Government CPNI standards for Fence Systems, Perimeter Intruder Detection Systems, Electric Fence, Microphonic Systems and CCTV Networks govern a turnkey high security solution for anti-terrorism and anti-intruder. Sectors serviced are Commercial Industrial, Maritime and Ports, M.O.D. Government and Utility. Provision of access control barriers turnstiles and crash rated products for higher risk areas.
Knowledgeable in-house staff specialised in value engineering led security streamlining solutions to client strategies and goals.
For further information contact Luke Ryan on 01730 237100 or visit


Keytracker LTD

Keytracker was established in 1996, to tackle the challenges faced by businesses handling multiple key sets.
The last 20 years has seen the business evolve, with successful expansion into new markets and development of our product line to provide the widest range of solutions on the market for the management of keys and valuable equipment.
Today we are proud to still be a privately-owned business, allowing us the agility to decide where investments and developments should be made to best fit the needs of our customer. As such our in-house Research and Development team work to ensure we are always providing the best, most reliable solutions on the market; allowing our customers to do what they do best, without the interruption of misplaced or unsecured keys or equipment.
For further details contact Harry Thatcher on telephone +44(0)121 559 9000 or visit


LiftEx 2019

LiftEx is the flagship event ofLEEA(Lifting Equipment Engineers Association), the leading global representative body for all those involved in the lifting industry Worldwide.The event inspires, educates and unites the industry through educational and technical sessions, presentations on innovation, a packed exhibition floor over 2 days.Attendees will join their peers and potential suppliers and customers industry professionals from a wide range of vertical markets, including rail, construction, renewable energy, civil engineering, entertainment, road & maritime transport, health & safety, utilities and manufacturing.

Event date: 13th & 14th November 2019
Event location: Marshall Arena, Milton Keynes,Stadium Way,Milton Keynes, MK1 1ST


Maritime Asset Security and Training Ltd (MAST)

Our mission is to make the world a safer place to live and work.

Our vision is to be an inspirational and innovative security and risk management company that is globally recognised and trusted.

The business has been a pioneer in developing maritime security concepts and structures that allow ships and yachts to be protected in an accepted legal and operational framework.

This knowledge has now been applied beyond the sea.

The Company has developed over 13 years and boasts a detailed knowledge of security that is now applied across 4 keys areas: maritime security, land-based man guarding and personal protection, security system installation and design and security intelligence reporting and consulting.

We firmly believe in having the right partners and working together to combines skills and make sure the client gets the right outcome. Our offices in the UK, Sri Lanka, Germany and Monaco give us the necessary reach and make MAST a truly global operator.

For further information contact Wayne Callahan on +44 (0)1279 216 726 or visit



Safeguard your reputation - flexible and cost-effective checking and identity authentication expertise.

With 400,000 checks processed and 20 years of experience held, NSL Checking are experts in their field. Using industry-leading technology and knowledgeable vetting officers, the team are able to provide government and business clients with flexible and cost-effective right to enter/stay/work services, while also providing immigration compliance and identity authentication consultancy.

NSL designs and manages places used by the public and our communities, operates a national enforcement network and provides a back-office support backbone for our clients. With 4,500 colleagues deployed from 250 bases for 150 clients, NSL is helping to serve 20 million citizens in communities across the UK.
For further information please contact Mandy Jones on +44(0)7826 534 663 or visit


PureTech Security

PureTech's mission is to revolutionise the way installers secure supplies by offering a comprehensive range of professional security, fire and smart home products.
Through our network of innovative showrooms and dedicated account managers in the UK and Ireland, we provide the best service and an exclusive selection of branded solutions. Our goal is to deliver an exceptional customer experience, combining cutting-edge technology with unparalleled expertise.
Join us as we redefine the industry standard and create a brighter, safer, and smarter future for installers everywhere.
We offer a comprehensive selection of top-tier security, fire, and smart home products, ensuring installers have access to the latest and most advanced solutions in the industry.
Our dedicated account managers provide personalised support, guidance, and expertise to installers, ensuring a seamless experience from product selection to after-sales support.

For further information contact Ashley Unwin on 0345 863 9750 or visit


Red Goat Cyber Security

We are one of the leading experts in social engineering, insider threats and wargaming. There are many other elements to cyber security but by restricting our focus to these areas we can ensure we provide you with the very best knowledge and expertise possible.
Red Goat Cyber Security
Cyber Attack War Gaming
For further information contact Lisa Forte on +44(0)117 325 9190 or visit


Solutions Labs Ltd

Our vision is to bring the very best software and services to organisations, to bring greater efficiency, lower cost and up-to-the-minute technology. Cashless Parking, ANPR rental, PCN management, Debt Recovery & fully managed litigation.