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OceanWise Limited

"OceanWise Limited are an independent company who specialises in the provision ofservices and tools that enable safer and smarter management of marine operationsfor ports and harbours.

Ourclients value our flexibility and reliability and the wide range of activities that our capabilities cover including;weather and environmental monitoring(agnostic real-time data platform, equipment servicing, system integration, sensor installation, site surveys and levelling), compliance management and reporting, and software applications for marine data or asset management.

We also provide expert consultancy, advice and training on marine data management and data governance. "

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Reflex Marine Ltd

Reflex Marine is a global expert in marine access solutions for the offshore and maritime industries. Their progressive approach to offshore safety in crew and cargo logistics, together with their personnel transfer carrier FROG, became an industry benchmark and triggered improvements in offshore safety regulations. Reflex Marine's 25 years of improving safety standards, transferring knowledge and delivering high quality, flexible access solutions defines them as one of the major offshore transfer industry influencers.WHY THE FROG-XT?
The FROG-XT4 is at the cutting edge of marine personnel transfer technology and supersedes the original FROG-3, which has a long track record of safe and effective personnel transfer.
This four-person carrier is best suited to low volume crew transfers and emergency use.
The FROG-XT4 provides extensive protection from the four major risks of personnel transfer: falling, heavy landings, collision, and immersion.
Thoroughly tested and verified.
Increases your operating envelope.
Small footprint for optimised landing, storage and shipping.
Easy to inspect and maintain.
- Stretcher capacity to evacuate casualtiesDesigned for the most extreme scenarios and offering advanced passenger protection, the FROG-XT represents arevolution in crane transfer.

- A range of capacities (2,4,6and10-person) to suit your operation.

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