Supplier Detail

Houghton International

Houghton International improves the performance of electro mechanical assets around the world.We use our technical expertise to work with customers to solve their problems, life extension services for motors, generators, pumps and all electrical rotating equipment.

Our Services
-Electric Motor Services
-Pump Services
-Generator Repair & Maintenance Services
-Gearbox Services
-AC & DC Traction Motor Services
-Rail Services
-Transformer Repair & Maintenance Services
-High Voltage Coils
-Electro Mechanical Site Services
-Electrical & Mechanical Services
-Engineering Consultancy Services

-24-Hour Emergency Repair Services

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Intero Integrity Services

Pipeline Servicesincludes pipeline and commissioning, cleaning, drying, and decommissioning.

Inspection Servicesprovides in-line inspection of non-piggable pipelines and furnaces including quick scans, full assessments, pre-engineering, mechanical works and mechanical cleaning, gauging, calliper runs, inspection, reporting and consulting.

Tank Servicesoffers complete profiling, online inspection and desludging services.

The Industrial Service Lineoffers nitrogen-related services including reactor cooling, nitrogen or helium leak detection, system purging, furnace cleaning and chemical cleaning.

For further information contact Christopher Meakin on 0844 800 9774details