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ABLOY is an internationally renowned security and locking innovation company, and UK Critical Infrastructure organisations have been specifying Abloy locking solutions for over 50 years, with proven success in remote locations and harsh environments.
Several major Critical Infrastructure businesses have engaged with Abloy's Digital Transformation Team to install the CLIQ locking system including Associated British ports, Gatwick Airport, Network Rail and Highways Agency. The systems capabilities provide benefits across multiple departments including Security, Operations, H&S and Competency:

- No more SECURITY THREAT of missing keys - access permission for missing keys can be revoked immediately
- No more RISK of shared or lost keys - staff and contractors can only use their own key to gain access to designated areas
- Full AUDIT TRAIL - you know who has used which key, where and when
- Guaranteed Operational TIME SAVINGS - update keys on the move without visiting central hub
- Sustainbility improvements and reduction of carbon foot print by reducing unnecessary travel to collect keys
- Integrated HEALTH AND SAFETY MANAGEMENT- integrate CLIQ into H&S processes to reduce RISK associated with areas such as High Voltage, Lone Working and At Height
- Permit To Work integration ensures permits to work are up to date and only allows access when certified
- Prove Cometency, ensure compliance - CLIQ keys and locks provide analytics and traceability of every action providing data to support individual competency requirements

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We Predict. We Deter. We Detect.

We are a provider of innovative and intelligence-led security solution, working with you to reduce risk and provide greater peace of mind, every day.

-Crime Intelligence
-Access Control
-Site Sensors
-Site Security

-Forensic Marking
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PureTech Security

PureTech's mission is to revolutionise the way installers secure supplies by offering a comprehensive range of professional security, fire and smart home products.
Through our network of innovative showrooms and dedicated account managers in the UK and Ireland, we provide the best service and an exclusive selection of branded solutions. Our goal is to deliver an exceptional customer experience, combining cutting-edge technology with unparalleled expertise.
Join us as we redefine the industry standard and create a brighter, safer, and smarter future for installers everywhere.
We offer a comprehensive selection of top-tier security, fire, and smart home products, ensuring installers have access to the latest and most advanced solutions in the industry.
Our dedicated account managers provide personalised support, guidance, and expertise to installers, ensuring a seamless experience from product selection to after-sales support.

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Securewest International Ltd

Securewest has specialised in maritime security since 1987 and is the UK's longest established provider of all forms of maritime and port security.
Physical Security, Port Security Design Consultancy, Port Security, ISPS Services including: Audits and Compliance, Training, Port Facility Security Assessments, Port Facility Security Plans, Ship Security Assessments and Ship Security Plans, SSAS Tracking and Monitoring, Offshore Security Solutions, Threat Assessments, Asset Protection, Travel Risk Management, Crisis Management Planning
With the introduction of the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS) in 2004, our service range was greatly enhanced and today Securewest International offers clients a complete maritime security service provision which includes, ISPS and related regulatory compliance programmes, ISPS audits, port security design consultancy, approved training courses and approved Ship Security Alert System tracking and monitoring. The company is accredited by the United Kingdom (UK) Department of Transport and UK Maritime Coastguard Agency to deliver ISPS port security training.
We are developing our UK capability and services in the maritime and land environments to minimise our clients' vulnerability to physical, material and reputational risk.
Securewest's senior management and consultants have extensive, recent and relevant experience in planning and advising on a wide range of security issues. Our operations are managed by an operations, logistics, intelligence and HR team in the UK, utilising a 24/7 Global Response Centre.
Securewest is certified LRQA ISO 9001, ISO 28007:1 2015, ISO 14001 and OHAS 18001.
Maritime and Port Security Risk Management.
Global maritime and port security and training solutions

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