Supplier Detail

A&P Falmouth Limited

Ship repair and conversion, Offshore Oil & Gas, renewable energy, large steel fabrication.
A&P Falmouth, part of the A&P Group, is superbly situated on the gateway to the English Channel, in the third largest, natural deep-water harbour in the world.A&P Falmouth makes the most of its natural resources and convenient location, close to the Western Approaches and shipping lanes of Northern Europe.
Ship repair Facilities
-Three large graving docks (252.8m x 39.6m/220.9m x26.8m/172.5m x 26.2m)
-Deepwater craned berths
-Afloat repairs in Falmouth bay
-Slops Reception facilities
-Class approved for in water surveys
-Accommodate vessels without gas freeing
-Stores reception facility
Falmouth has the capacity to accommodate vessels up to 100,000 tonnes, with workshops and resources, offering onsite engineering, fabrication, electrical, pipework, plumbing, and painting.A well-developed local and national supply chain provides all requirements for marine specialists and OEMs.
A&P Falmouth has highly skilled personnel and well-equipped workshops, providing the capacity to resource, facilitate and manage the most complex of marine engineering projects, in a safe and organised environment.
Port Services
Falmouth is a busy working port with deep water berths, cranes and a full range of equipment capable of handling bulk, break bulk and containerised cargoes.Located within the docks are over 30 companies, which provide a full range of services including stevedoring, towage, bunkering, ship's agency, port health, diving services, local surveyors, and chandlery and boat services. The Port also has many cruise calls with over 20,000+ passengers annually, who see Falmouth as the gateway to Cornwall and its beautiful attractions and scenery.
Ship repair and conversion
Dry-docking and conversion of Commercial vessels, Military vessels, Oil and Gas and Renewable Energy construction and service vessels.
Cargo handling and storage in Falmouth
Pontoons and shore side access systems
Design and fabrication of steel and concrete pontoons and bespoke access systems for ports, and marinas.
For further information contact Drystan Jones on +44 (0)1326 212 100 or visit


Ashcourt Group Ltd

The Ashcourt Group is a Hull based family run organisation which has expanded significantly since its humble beginnings in 2009 and now has over 300 employees.
The Ashcourt Group have invested significantly in its people. Employing highly skilled and experienced individuals from a range of backgrounds means we can deliver the results our clients expect.


Atkins Limited

Atkins is at the forefront of the offshore renewables revolution, providing robust concept and detailed engineering design and owner's engineer services in the wind, wave and tidal energy sectors.

For further details contact John Foley on +44 141 220 2222 or email


Bibby Marine Limited

Bibby Marine
We own and operate Walk to Work Service Operations Vessels, and floating hotels for workersoffering flexible near shore accommodation.We are a subsidiary of Bibby Line Group, a family-owned British company with a maritime heritage dating back more than 210 years and annual global turnover of £800.
Our two Work Service Operations Vessels (SOVs) are named the Bibby WaveMaster 1 and Bibby WaveMaster Horizon.
Why use our WaveMaster SOV's?
Our SOV's provide comfortable and modern living conditions and safe access to remote working locations such as offshore wind farms and oil & gas platforms. The SOV's offer flexible deployment and feature dynamic positioning, advanced gangways, motion compensated cranes, and various options fortechnician access (heli-deck, daughter craft and Crew Transfer Vessels).
Our WaveMasters are eco-friendly (with minimal harmful emissions and very low fuel consumption) with high quality accommodation including en-suites with TV, WIFI and facilities such as gyms and gaming rooms.
Floating accommodation barges
We also own and operate six floating accommodation barges; Bibby Challenge, Renaissance, Stockholm, Progress, Bergen and Pioneer. All designed to provide nearshore floating accommodation services globally to a range of clients from construction through to hospitality.
Why choose our floating accommodation barges?
-Worldwide capability (wherever you require)
-Convenience and comfort (with hotel standard facilities)
-Tailored for you (as much or little assistance as you require)
-Worker satisfaction (quality living areas on board)
-Low environmental impact
-Cost effective
We work in industries ranging from oil and gas, to shipyards, and for humanitarian causes (amongst others.)
For further information contact Marketing Executive Anna Williams on +44 (0)151 433 9043 or visit



Our customers live in a world of ever-increasing change: growing compliance, new global competitors, the pressure to do more with less, ever faster innovation cycles and less time to exploit market positions or new technologies. BMT brings domain experience coupled with management, engineering, science and technology know-how to help our customers compete in this world of accelerated change.

BMT is an independent, multi-disciplinary consultancy delivering solutions to industry, commerce, policy makers, regulators and public-sector operators. We offer specialised expertise to solve our customers' most complex challenges in a wide range of markets.

In the maritime space, BMT provides through-life advisory, design and engineering services. Through our simulation and modelling expertise we specialise in the analysis of environmental conditions for offshore and coastal design and operations, provides bespoke services in ship navigation and manoeuvring simulation, mooring analysis, emergency response and search and rescue. The company employs mariners and industry experts in oceanography, hydrodynamics and naval architecture.


Buttimer Engineering

Buttimer is a diversified mechanical engineering firm specialising in bulk materials handling solutions and high-quality steel fabrication. From one-off design, fabrication, installation or repair works, to full turnkey projects, Buttimer Engineering draws on skilled teams to deliver the service that our clients require.

From fabricating pressure vessels, to shut-down maintenance at a power station; from turnkey facility design to the supply of individual pieces of equipment, Buttimer bring our problem-solving ethos to each job and partner with our customers to cost effectively deliver the required performance.

For further details contact Michael McNulty on +44 121 767 1388 or visit


Cleftbridge Ltd (Shimpac Systems)

SHIMPAC Systems products, produced by an independent British company and developed by industry expert engineers, are the fully compliant solution to seating and levelling street and construction ironwork.SHIMPAC Systems products are approved for use by highway, port, airport and rail operators as well as water authorities, communication companies and utilities companies.SHIMPAC products ensure that ironwork installations and repairs last years without further attention.

For further information contact Barry Andrews on +44 (0)1531 633 771 or visit


Dales Marine Services Ltd

With roots dating back to 1987, Dales Marine has been servicing the shipping, oil and gas, chemical, and power generation industries with bespoke engineering services, within the shortest lead time to the highest standard.Providing specialist shipping solutions in dry dock and steelwork, maintenance and ship repair,
Dales Marine is located within major Scottish ports and provides unrivalled access for clients 24/7, 365 days a year. Well known for its proven ability to produce optimum results and high levels of technical skills, Dales Marine has built up a considerable client base including major industry companies in the UK and internationally.
For further information contact Andrew Malcolm on +44 (0)1224 212778 (24/7) or visit


Dublin Port Company

Dublin Port Company is a self-financing, private limited company by the State, whose business is to manage Dublin Port, Ireland's premier port. Dublin Port Company provides world-class facilities, services, accommodation and lands in the harbour for ships, goods and passengers.

For further information contact Charlie Murphy on +353 1 8876000 or visit


EnGlobe Regeneration UK Ltd

Englobe is a leading specialist Brownfield Remediation & Enabling works contractor on several Frameworks for soil and groundwater design and delivery of some 35 remediation techniques for the treatment of contaminated soils, groundwater, sediment, sludges and tars; we have a proven track record of 60 years globally, and 30 years within the UK, delivering cost effective risk-based remediation schemes.
Our approach is to develop pragmatic brownfield reclamation solutions, using innovative technologies where appropriate, that focus on maximising the re-use of material on-site whilst minimising cost and programme. We operate from Regional offices in Warrington, Cardiff and Reading as well as 5 Soil Treatment Facilities in Skelton Grange, Leeds, Meece, Trecatti, Westmill, Redhill and an Engineering facility Mansfield.Englobe provides all aspects of soils management including soil classification, segregation, offsite disposal and dewatering (including contaminated water treatment). Other services include on-site treatment, soil improvements/stabilisation as well as dealing with regulatory bodies including warranties. Our main aim is to save our clients significant costs by accurate classification, minimising cross contamination and cost-effective
For further information contact Kathy Newall on 07985 836 227 or visit


Forte Maritime Ltd

We provide a tailored cost-effective service in marine, offshore and renewable sectors. Our strength is our ability to help identify and deliver our clients objectives safely, on time and on budget.
Marine Engineering Consultants
Projects & Support
Surveying Services
HSEQ Consultants
Offshore Services
Renewable Services
Towage Consultants

For further information contact Sterling Elliott on 01642 200076 or visit


Gardiner & Theobald LLP

Gardiner & Theobald is an independent construction and property consultancy working across all sectors of the built environment. We focus on minimising risk and creating opportunities to maximise the value of our clients' developments and property assets. We deliver Project Leadership, Commercial Success, Construction Excellence and Specialist Consultancy working across all sectors of the built environment.
We have particular expertise in providing cost management and project management for ports, harbours and marine projects as part of our Major Projects and Infrastructure sector. Our team of specialist experts create a unique pool of talent to support a diverse range of clients and the commonalities we find between major projects allow us to add value through cross fertilisation of ideas, sharing of best practice and drawing upon the extensive benchmarking data that underpins our advice. Projects that we deliverare often large scale and complex and have significantly different requirements, so bespoke solutions are developedfor each project with flexibility built-in.
For further Details contact John Michaelides on +44 (0)207 209 3000 or visit



Geobear keeps things running. How? We inject a polymer into the ground that has become unstable. It lifts buildings, fixes cracked concrete and uneven floors, and makes the ground stronger. We are 10 times faster than the normal way to repair subsidence, which involves building work and often closing the business or moving out of your house. But not with Geobear. The work is finished in hours or days, rather than weeks or months and comes with a 10-year guarantee.
Geobear is an environmentally friendly company. Working exclusively with Covestro (formerly Bayer Material Science), Geobear has developed polymers that do not affect groundwater. Compared with the alternatives, Geobear's carbon footprint is exceptionally low.
Geobear is a global company. In nearly 40 years it is worked in over 50 countries, with main operations in the UK, Sweden, Poland, and China.
When the ground gets unstable, Geobear fixes all the problems: cracks, uneven surfaces, voids, broken joints, pumping slabs, vibration echoes, water damage and more.
For further information contact Kevin Doyle on 0800 084 3503 or visit


Goltens UK Ltd

2 and 4 stroke diesel engine overhaul/service/repair. In-situ machining (Crankshaft Grinding, Line Boring, etc.) and Green Technologies (Ballast Water Treatment Systems - Retrofits); General Spare Part supply.



Graham is a privately-owned company with an impressive history built on integrity and responsibility.The business became incorporated as a private limited company in 1955.The company has grown steadily and significantly since then to become a leading player in all areas of construction throughout the UK and Ireland.

GRAHAM now operates from 23 regional offices in the UK and Ireland. For further details contact Malcolm Loader on Telephone : 07584700056 or visit


GRP Grating Systems

GRP Gratings supply GRP grating and composite products to the UK market place. Walkways, pontoons, marina decking, ladders, structures and a full design and installation service throughout the UK.
Our speciality products for the marine industry are Mini and micro mesh grating which is widely used where there is a requirement for non slip capability. GRP products provide an efficient and cost effective solution all walkways, flooring and decking areas requiring long term performance in very aggressive and corrosive/chemical environments. Unlike any metal grating, moulded GRP panels can be easily cut and fabricated on site using only hand tools. The ease of handling makes it ideal for difficult to access areas. We like to think ourselves as a unique one stop shop facility offering customers outstanding service and quality products.
For further details visit or email


Harland and Wolff

Harland and Wolff Industries Limited is a leader in design engineering, ship repair & conversion, manufacturing, assembly and logistical services for renewable energy projects.
For further information please contact Lisa Fairley on 02890 458 456 or visit


Houlder Limited

Green Marine Engineering & Design
Houlder ltd is a fully independent marine design and consultancy group active in Marine, Offshore Oil & Gas, Renewables, LNG and Defence markets. We provide expertise in ship design, bunkering and LNG transfer, port design consultancy, caisson design, feasibility studies, expert witness, ship survey and analysis and plan approval. Contact us to find out more about our proven track record of delivering innovative designs with a focus on meeting current and future environmental legislations. We have experience in LNG bunkering and transfer infrastructure, LNG conversion and hybrid propulsion, engine scrubber installation and ballast water treatment system integration design and retrofitting,
Houlder ltd is an independent, employee owned offshore consultancy operating throughout the UK and internationally. You can read more
Contact Jamie Sinclair+44 (0)23 9287 5277to discuss your project requirements.


Hythe Shipyard

Hythe Shipyard operates a heavy slipway for commercial and non-commercial vessels up to 55 metres, plus a 100 Ton travel hoist.

Our professional and experienced team can also provide solutions for emergency and short-notice haul-outs for RIBS, leisure yachts, workboats, barges and superyachts. 10,000m2 of undercover vessel storage is available for short-term routine maintenance to long-term build/refit projects. Alongside and deep-water moorings are also available for vessels 10m to 100m, with easy and unrestricted access to the Solent.

For further information contact Rob Hammond on +44 7526 168 775 or visit


IMH (Industrial & Marine Hydraulics) Ltd

Headquartered in Middlesbrough, UK, IMH was founded in Teesside by hydraulic engineer Paul Griffiths in 1983. We have grown from a home-based business to a leading global player in hydraulic engineering with experience of working across more than 50 countries.We deliver major hydraulic engineering projects and offer services across design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning, maintenance and repairs, as well as component supplies and training.By closely engaging with IMH, companies can tap into a deep source of hydraulic engineering talent and access a range of specialist skills not normally available in their own engineering departments.IMH creates innovative new hydraulics solutions by drawing on our extensive engineering knowledge, experience ofreal-worldapplications and understanding of a wide range of industrial environments.And, our technical experience and track record enables us to act as a hydraulics consultant to customers, helping them to make the best decisions for their business or project.
For further information contact Mike Goldsworthy on +44 (0)1642 802700 or visit


Independent Control Systems Ltd (Iconsys)

Iconsys is a leading UK Automation solutions provider and systems integrator, using the latest Automation technologies to deliver best-in-class solutions to help our customers achieve their business objectives.
Established in 1987 Iconsys has an outstanding track record of successfully completed projects. We are specialists in the design, manufacture and commissioning of integrated solutions incorporating multiple variable speed drives, servos, PLCs and SCADA with a vast experience of integration to higher business systems.
With our extensive Engineering skills and the range of Technologies offered, we can provide and implement solutions successfully across a wide range of Industries as can be seen by our case studies.

For further information contact Jordan Tassell on +44 (0)1952 607300 or visit


Industrial Power & Marine

Industrial Power & Marine provides integrated engineering solutions to the power, marine, industrial and offshore sectors.From out base in Barry South Wales and Derby, East Midlands, we provide a variety of services from general fabrications, turnkey installations and ongoing maintenance support.

Our Team of professional engineers, construction managers and designers allow us to add value at all stages of the project life cycle from front end engineering through to commissioning and handover.We pride ourselves on our agility and flexibility and can scale our services to suit client requirements.

For further information contactRandall Smithon01446 622 999or




We've got experience and competence to carry out comprehensive shipyard projects. Our activities adhere to the rule of offering our customers across the board services while relieving them of time and price risks.
We pay high attention to proper planning, use of cutting edge technical solutions and keeping deadlines while maintaining an adequate and competitive price level. Fulfillment of regulations pertaining to safety at work and environment are treated as a first priority.

The portfolio of our customers consists of ship owners, new build and repair shipyards as well as businesses from the off-shore industry (operators of rigs and supply vessels).

The scope of our services comprises of, but is not limited to:
- Hull construction and assembly
- Modification and adaptation of ships and rigs
- System installation and start-up
- Assembly of pipe installations
- Welding works
- Electrical works
- Project management.

We operate globally through our international network nad work on 24/7 basis with very short mobilization times for both personnel and equipment. We can perform our tasks both at the shipyards and during vessel's voyage or at-sea operations.
More information:www.intermarineuk.comMARINE ENGINEERING


Inter-Marine UK Ltd

Inter Marine - Shipping: Shipyard & voyage repair - a core business strength, our high-quality repair works can be undertaken anywhere in the world, including at sea. Conversion & mobilisation - upgrades, alterations, changes of purpose; we can handle any scale of project on your behalf. Ship building - we can apply our fabrication skills to new build ships or modular projects, from steelwork to out-fitting.
For further information contact Mark Bowden or David Bailey on+44(0)1305 470190 or visit Inter Marine - Shipping: Shipyard & voyage repair - a core business strength, our high-quality repair works can be undertaken anywhere in the world, including at sea. Conversion & mobilisation - upgrades, alterations, changes of purpose; we can handle any scale of project on your behalf. Ship building - we can apply our fabrication skills to new build ships or modular projects, from steelwork to out-fitting.
For further information contact Mark Bowden or David Bailey on+44(0)1305 470190 or visit


J-Flex Rubber Products

If you are looking for a friendly and helpful industrial rubber products supplier with good product knowledge and excellent customer service, then you've come to the right place.
We supply a vast range of quality items including rubber sheet and an array of fabrications made from premium grade elastomers including silicone and Viton - many of which are available for next day delivery.
Having dealt with the rubber needs of a variety of industries for over 30 years, we have plenty of experience too.
Whether you are looking for silicone sheets, rubber mouldings, gaskets, extrusions, bellows, fabrications, rubber sealants or adhesives including Viton sheets and sealants: J-Flex can help
For further information contact Richard Lewthwaite on 0777 712 400 or visit





Jetrac Limited

Our engineers are able to conduct varying levels of onboard surveys to establish baseline information, this will determine the material state for every Flexible Hose Assembly (FHA) onboard a particular vessel or asset. The main benefit is to highlight damaged assemblies eliminating any potential risk to personnel, production and environment in the event of hose failure.

This service-critical data is stored and accessed through our Jetrac system which is a web accessible database ensuring an accurate and up-to-date record of all Flexible Hose Assemblies.

Having a Flexible Hose Asset Management System in place provides accurate data to plan maintenance and ensure equipment can work to its maximum capacity. It can also be used to filter for any FHA's due for change out in accordance with the customers' requirements.
Approved and accredited by the British Fluid Power Association (BFPA), our engineers can manufacture and test a wide variety of hoses to meet specific customer requirements.We hold / manufacture hoses to Defstan 47-32 for UK MOD and can also manufacture and supply a wide range for commercial use. Please see below for the range we can offer:

1WB and 2WB, 4SP, 4SH, R13 and R15 (braid & multi spiral range), PTFE Hoses, Stainless Steel hoses and Thermoplastic hoses.
Bore size 3/16" to 2" as standard but we can also accommodate any specific customer requirements. For eachhose that we manufacture we can also provide a full technical drawing.

All hoses are pressure tested at our facility to the required pressures for the hose application, we can also offer mobile testing anywhere onsite at customer locations / facilities.All our surveyors are competent hose manufacturers and fitters and can carry out a variety of installation/change out projects.
For further information contact Sara Blake on 01243 956992 or Lee Greenfield on 01243 956991 or visit


Jonesco Preston Ltd

Having spotted a gap in the market Mr Jones founded Jonesco for the manufacture and sale of steel mudguards. By mid-to-late 70s we were in full 'rock n roll' mode with the introduction of plastic mudguards all thanks to the bespoke rotational moulding machines. As we delved deeper into rotational moulding we soon became experts, ultimately paving the way to today's success and expansion into the fire, environmental and storage industries.
For Sales enquires Please send email


JW Automarine Ltd

Founded in 1972, JW Automarine are world renowned as being the industry leader in PVC manufacturing of Underwater Lift Bags, Buoyancy Systems, Proof Load Test Bags, Strops, Helium Bags, Flexible Tanks, Flexi-Tainer, Flexi-Dams and specialist bespoke products. Synonymous with quality and performance and reputed on fast delivery. JWA Hire was launched in 2020 providing the customer the ability to hire core products including lift and load test bags.

JW Automarine lifting bags pass rigorous quality control standards and are inspected and registered to ISO 9001: 2015 requirements, to Defence Standards 05 - 91 and to IMCA D016 Rev 4 GUIDELINES. Repair and Test Procedures for lifting bags.
For further information contact Chris Dawson on+ 44 (0) 1328 852316 /+ 44 (0) 7787 735 509or


Keel Marine Limited

Keel Marine is a long established International Maritime Consultancy with experienced Naval Architects, Marine Engineers and Surveyors able to undertake all types of Marine Design, Survey and Supervision along with the provision of expert independent advice. Keel Marine offers services in Ship and Boat Design, Marine Survey, Vessel Stability and Project Management as well as Supervision of Ship Building, Repair, Conversion and Life Extension Programs.

Established in 1962 Keel Marine provides Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Services worldwide to an impressive range of commercial and government entities. Its reputation for excellence and high standard delivery across a diverse range of marine and offshore engineering ensures our clients return time and again.
Keel Marine's skilled personnel include Naval Architects, Marine Engineers, Marine Surveyors and the support services needed to provide our clients with a comprehensive design, engineering and project management service covering most types of vessel in the marine and offshore industries along with comprehensive consultancy services to Government and non-government organisations worldwide.


Keltbray Group

Keltbray Group is a UK leading specialist business, which offers engineering, construction, demolition, decommissioning, remediation, rail, environmental services and reinforced concrete structure solutions & Sheet piling services.

The company is a key player in developing and maintaining Britain's built environment and operates in highly regulated environments; making sites ready for new infrastructure and developments.
With the goal of being best in class, customers trust in Keltbray to deliver projects safely, on time and budget, and with care for the environment and our communities. From being founded as a smaller earth and groundworks company in 1976, the company has over the past four decades grown to become a £300 million Group of companies that provide specialist services and is unrivalled in the UK.
For further information contact us on +44(0)20 7643 1000 or visit


Land & Marine Fabrication Services Ltd

Land & Marine Fabrication Services Ltd is a newly formed company offering a very reliable and high quality service to all customers, regardless of the amount of work required. Over 20 years of experience designing, fabricating and supplying various bespoke items for the oil and gas industry and working closely with all relevant certifying authorities such as DNV, Lloyds Register, Bureau Veritas and ABS as well as providing services for the on-Shore industries.


LiftEx 2019

LiftEx is the flagship event ofLEEA(Lifting Equipment Engineers Association), the leading global representative body for all those involved in the lifting industry Worldwide.The event inspires, educates and unites the industry through educational and technical sessions, presentations on innovation, a packed exhibition floor over 2 days.Attendees will join their peers and potential suppliers and customers industry professionals from a wide range of vertical markets, including rail, construction, renewable energy, civil engineering, entertainment, road & maritime transport, health & safety, utilities and manufacturing.

Event date: 13th & 14th November 2019
Event location: Marshall Arena, Milton Keynes,Stadium Way,Milton Keynes, MK1 1ST


Macduff Ship Designs Ltd

Macduff Ship Design Ltd has become one of the most prolific naval architect and marine consultancies in the commercial and fishing sectors.
It's 6m to 50m designs are seen across the world in numerous forms: work boats, tugs, fishing vessels, ferries, pilot boats, petrol boats, dredgers, research vessels and multipurpose vessels.We offer a comprehensive range of professional and technical Naval Architecture and Consultancy services to the commercial marine and fishing industries.
For further information contact Ian Ellis on+44 (0)1261 833 825or visit


Macs Ltd - Marine and Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering and Construction
Underwater Survey and Reporting
Inspection, Cleaning and Maintenance
Underwater Welding, Cutting and Burning
Vessels Inspection, Cleaning and Maintenance
For further information contact Sam Preston on07940 300574or


Marine Ecological Surveys Ltd

Marine Ecological Surveys Ltd was established in 1975 with the express aim of providing authoritative scientific advice on the impacts of major industrial and construction developments in the marine environment.

Since that time our business has developed to meet the diverse needs of our clients in the face of increasing legislative pressures of working in the marine environment. In 2007 MESL benefitted from becoming part of The Gardline Group, a multi-disciplinary organisation involved in satellite communications, security, ship building, dry dock engineering, digital mapping and vessel charters.
As an organisation MESL has specialist expertise in the design and implementation of monitoring programmes, the provision of EIAs and Environmental Statements, and primary research. With our in-house laboratories and expert staff MESL are renowned for conducting benthic, epibenthic and fisheries studies in a range of marine habitats. Our expertise also includes spatial analysis and mapping using GIS and the latest 4-D visualisation technologies. We routinely prepare high quality fully interactive electronic reports to meet the needs of our clients.

Our reputation has been established through the provision of professional consultancy services to a range of clients in the private and public sectors. Our client base includes prestigious companies from a number of different industries including aggregates, chemicals, leisure and tourism and port and harbour development. We also provide technical and marine policy advice to government departments and agencies such as Defra, Cefas, Natural England and the JNCC.

For further information please contact Daniel Brutto on 01225 442211 or visit


Medway Diving Contractors Ltd

One of the oldest established commercial diving companies in the UK. Established in 1970 as an inshore/inland diving company. Our operations are carried out both nationwide and internationally.
The company is based in Rochester, Kent in the UK. Our depot is located in Chatham Dockyard on the River Medway.
Our dive teams can be supplied with mobile vans to transport dive systems to any site in the UK. In addition these dive systems can be unmounted and loaded aboard vessels for use.
We are registered with the HSE as an inshore/inland diving contractor. The firm has never been issued with a HSE improvement or prohibition notice.
We are a full member of the Association of Diving Contractors. All of our supervisor divers must complete the ADC supervisors examination.
Lloyds Register approve us as a contractor for in water shipping surveys and repairs.

For further details contact Peter Hutchinson on +44 (0) 1634 829 818 or visit www.medwaydiving


ML Dredging Ltd

Dredging Contractors Portsmouth. Here at ML DREDGING we are a family run business based in Portsmouth. We specialise in capital and maintenance dredging for all aspects of the marine industry. We also provide a bespoke charter service for all of our vessels and equipment.
We have a large range of vessels including road transportable cutter suction dredgers, modular dredging pontoons, versatile adapted backhoe dredgers and even a small dredging platform, perfect for inland waterways or locked marinas. Working in tandem with these dredgers we have self-propelled split hopper barges ranging in capacity from 60m3 up to 460m3.
We strive to adapt our equipment to suit the diverse requirements of our customers. With an extensive heavy engineering background and our own fabrication workshop based in Portsmouth, it is easy for us to adapt our vessels and equipment to suit any needs of the dredging industry including the dredging of drop docks with extendedequipment for removal of silt from under pontoons or walkways.
We incorporate a range of services in marine consultancy including pre and post dredge surveys, volume calculations, dredge profiles, risk assessments best methods or even just a friendly chat as well as licensing and project management.
For further information contact Joe Liney on 02392 824210 or visit


Moffatt & Nichol

Moffatt & Nichol is a leading global infrastructure advisor specialising in the planning and design of facilities that shape our coastlines, harbours and rivers, as well as a pioneer in the logistical complexities associated with the maritime economy.
Moffatt & Nichol has played a major role in the evolution of the modern port. Specialising in maritime planning and engineering, Moffatt & Nichol are internationally recognised for providing innovative solutions to clients in the freight, passenger and energy industries.
For further information contact Karen Levy on +44 (0)20 3206 1062 or visit


NewWaves Solutions Ltd

NewWaves Solutions Ltd is a British dredging, environmental and marine engineering solutions provider active throughout the UK & Ireland.

NewWaves Solutions is part of the Belgian DEME Group, which has been carrying out dredging, land reclamation, marine contracting and hydraulic engineering projects worldwide for more than 140 years.

More recently it has established itself as a leading supplier of marine and engineering services in the offshore energy industry.

By combining the strength of the Group's operating companies (DEME Offshore, DEC, DBM, DBE, DIMCO) under one roof, NewWaves Solutions is able to provide a single point of contact for UK-based projects.

Innovation is in our DNA. We are continuously developing and implementing new techniques, as well as investing in state-of-the-art vessels and equipment, to best deliver our services.

NewWaves Solutions is a full EPCI contractor able to take on the most complex and challenging project. It has a wide-ranging portfolio delivered into its key markets as shown below:

- Dredging & Land Reclamation

- Marine & Offshore Solutions - DEME Offshore

- Fluvial & Marine Aggregates - DBM Division

- Environmental Solutions - DEC Division

- Marine Infrastructure Solutions - DIMCO Division

For further information contact Will Shields General Manager on +44 (0)7780 335925 or visit


NIRAS Group Ltd

NIRAS is a leading, international consultant in port and maritime engineering and planning. Our UK-offices have a long track record of marine civil engineering design. Our success is based on comprehensive technical knowledge, extensive industry experience and a strong focus on value engineering and addressing the needs of our clients. Due to our expertise and excellent reputation for cost effective and innovative design many of our clients have been working with us for several decades.

For further information contact Andrew Walker on 0141 882 6600 or visit


Norwest Marine Ltd

Based in the historic maritime city of Liverpool, Norwest Marine have over 30 years experience in the marine industry.

We are the main UK agents for Seasafe liferafts and for the sale and distribution of Thanner hydrostatic release units. Norwest Marine have an MCA approved station and have an extensive range of life rafts available from 4 Man up to 150 Man.

All of our equipment is certified by the relevant authorities responsible for maritime safety and carries a full manufacturer warranty.

For further details contact Dave Adams on Tel: 0151 2072 860 email or visit


Offshore Marine Limited

Offshore Marine Limited provides a comprehensive range of cost-efficient, high-quality product solutions to the oil and gas, renewable, fishing, and merchant vessels sectors with both standard and customised equipment design. We also provide reliable support services for cranes, launch and recovery systems, and winches to a range of clients around the world. Our equipment can be certified by a number of class societies.
Combining excellent products, strong client focus and a highly competent service, Offshore Marine provides a leading service for the global market. Offshore Marine brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the supply, engineering, servicing and maintenance of marine top deck equipment, as well as related training. Our team has more than 50 years of industry experience in the marine, renewable, offshore and oil and gas sectors. Our managers and engineers are involved at every stage from enquiry through to design, engineering, delivery, training, installation, and testing.
We plan, engineer and deliver equipment for all types of vessels and installations, creating the most effective and efficient solutions for our clients. Our equipment is built to the latest codes (DIN15018 / EN13001 (shipboard use) and EN13852 (offshore use)) and can be certified by all of the leading classification societies, including Lloyds BV, RINA etc. For extreme environments, all electrical components can be ATEX approved.
Offshore Marine is clients' "one stop shop" for the worldwide supply of cranes, lifesaving davit systems and deck machinery packages along with the related engineering, training and service support


Orkney Islands Council Marine Services

Orkney Islands Council Division of Marine Services as the Competent Harbour Authority (CHA) which incorporates the Harbour Authority, Orkney Towage and Orkney Ferries is responsible for the safe and efficient operation of the 29 piers and harbours located throughout the Orkney Islands. It is the UK number cruise port call, handles 10% of the UK's oil through Flotta Oil Terminal and increasing numbers of STS operations in Scapa Flow which is the largest natural harbour in Europe.
Orkney is at the forefront of UK in Marine Renewables and energy decarbonisation.

For further information contact Paul Olvhoj on +44 (0)1856 873 636 or visit


Osprey Group

Osprey Group;Specialist Nearshore logistics
Our experienced and multi-skilled team of Project Managers and Engineers handle all aspects of land and marine operations. Supporting key UK infrastructure projects.
-Ships Agency
-Port Expansion planning and delivery
-Project Management; facilitation of project planning, engineering and execution between ports and contractors alike
-Nearshore and O shore logistics specialists
-Owner operated equipment:
-Largest UK Fleet of SPMTs
-Mobile and Crawler Cranes
-Euro and North Sea Class at top barges
-Cable baskets and Carousel suitable for cable handling logistics and storage
Whatever you need, our team are here to help. Contact:
Paul Snowdon - Commercial Director - Marine Projects -+44 (0)7761 341670
Harriet Westcott - Commercial Manager - Marine Projects - + 44 (0)7889 090751


Penzance Drydock

Refit, repair conversion and class - approved testing for vessels up to 75m
Since 1834, the marine engineers at Europe's oldest dry dock have been known for their outstanding attention to detail, good humour and sound, down-to-earth advice. Perfectly located at the UK's south western tip, Penzance Dry Dock is fully equipped for all kinds of marine engineering, with an experienced team and skilled contractors on hand.
Engineering works that stand up to time, use and the elements

It's not only aboard ship where a knack for sturdy, corrosion-resistant engineering comes in useful. From structural steelwork to seafront railings, you'll find our handiwork wherever something's built to take a beating, and last. All our work is carried out to ISO9001 standards, by experienced engineers, in our fully- equipped engineering workshop.

For further information contact Zac Harvey on 01736 363868 or


Proteum Ltd

Proteum are UK & Ireland distributors for OXE diesel outboard, Alamarin Water Jets, we also supply Moteurs Baudouin engines plus marine products including ZF Gearboxes, Konrad stern drives and Glendinning Controls.

OXE Diesel Outboards

The OXE Diesel combines the reliability and endurance of marine inboards with the flexibility and agility of outboard engines. The OXE Diesel Outboard range includes 150, 175, 200 and 300HP options to meet customers specifications.
The OXE Diesel consumes up to 40% less fuel than a comparable petrol outboard and is validated to operate using HVO100 biofuel reducing emissions by up to 97%.
Reduced fuel consumption equates to longer intervals between refuelling and improved operational efficiency.

Alamarin Water Jet
Alamarin-Jet are world leading manufacturer of waterjet propulsion units and control systems.
Suitable for input power up to 1500kW / 2040HP, Alamarin-Jet are renowned for their innovative, robust and efficient design philosophy.
As global suppliers to marine sectors such as special forces, SAR, fishing, offshore supply and superyachts. Alamarin-Jet are the trusted partner when reliability and service are at the forefront of operational requirement.

S.M.A.R.T Engineer

S.M.A.R.T Engineer is the first of its kind, it is our unique ground-breaking, service monitoring and remote tracking engineering system. This system has been exclusively designed for use with diesel inboard & outboard as well as petrol inboard & outboard engines.
Konrad Stern Drives

Proteum is the official UK & Ireland Distributor for Konrad Marine. We work with a range of clients which include boat builders, designers, operators and owners.
Konrad Marine designs and manufactures stern drives for commercial, military, recreational and high-performance boats. Since 1991, Konrad stern drives have been hard at work worldwide, with proven reliability, strength and performance. They are the hardest working, longest lasting, toughest stern drives/out drives ever made.
Proteum is the official UK & Ireland Distributor for genuine BUKH marine diesel engines, OEM spares and technical support.
BUKH is one of the world's leading OEM manufacturers of marine diesel engines. They are dedicated to producing quality SOLAS compliant engines for lifeboats, fast rescue boats and work boats.

Glendinning Engine Controls
Glendinning has built a reputation for delivering reliable, innovative engine control systems for all applications. Working directly with engine manufacturers and boat builders worldwide.
Control System for any type of marine engine propulsion system, whether it be electronic, mechanical, inboard, or outboard with fully Integrated Joystick Control System for complete control of trusters to enhance trolling and docking.
For further information contact Simon Barnett on 02380 457 656 or visit


Rock Fall Company Limited

Rock Fall are Marine Drilling and Rock pre-treatment specialists.
The work that Rock Fall undertakes is normally associated with harbour deepening, quay wall construction and the clearance of navigational channels.

Foreshore trenching is another important application for the company's underwater expertise.
Drilling and blasting work is also carried out in other areas, such as pipeline trenching on land, rock anchoring /grouting, pre-treatment of rock prior to piling and in support of general civil engineering.


Saacke Combustion Services Ltd

SAACKE have been involved in firing technology for more than 80 years andare today one of the world leaders in this field. As specialists we plan,develop and produce burners and system solutions for Marine andIndustrial thermal processes. Our products and services are represented onships and offshore installations as well as industry.
SAACKE on board. That means reliable, environmentally friendly andenergy-efficient combustion plants for sea-going vessels, offshore plantsand LNG tankers. The vast experience in the development, design andconstruction of new plants and conversion of existing plants pays off here.SAACKE offers in-depth expertise and efficient order handling from a singlesource. Each individual combustion plant not only ensures high availability,but also meets the strictest environmental standards. That holds true for standard configurations and for plants with individual and tailored systems.A few examples:

Gas combustion unit (GCU)
Composite marine boiler (CMB)
Fired marine water heater (FMW)
Fired marine boiler (FMB)

Of particular note here is the FMB-VF-LONOX fired marine boiler. Thisextremely low-emission boiler is built for the limited space available onboard and meets the strictest emission standards on land. For conversionsof existing plants, customers can count on the know-how, the personalconsultation and customized solutions from SAACKE. Experienced teamscarry out a detailed assessment of the plant environment before the start ofthe engineering work. It forms the basis for balanced dimensioning of allthe components. Standard components or plants are integrated into the existing system or - if necessary - alternative possibilities are developed. Engineering, construction, manufacturing, support and service of marine systems are in the best hands at SAACKE, thanks to comprehensive know-how for standard applications and individual projects. Our customers appreciate not only the extreme reliability and very high availability of all the components, but also the outstanding efficiency and eco-friendly operation. And that over the renowned long service life.
For further information contact Phil Kemp on +44 (0) 23 92333900 or visit


Siemens Industry Automation and Drive Technologies.





Providers of all Siemens related marine spares electrical equipment, including Siemens shaft generator control hardware, low voltage, PLC equipment, system repairs and engineer call-outs.

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SMS (Specialised Marine Support) Ltd

Specialised Marine Support Ltd (SMS) is an ISO 9001:2008 accredited and Achilles FPAL registered company based in Scotland providing support vessels to the offshore renewables and offshore construction industries throughout Europe. All vessels are road transportable.

We can supply:

11-14m Cabin RIBS

10m Open RIBS

10m Fast Landing Craft

Evolution 38

For further details contact Iain Hill on +44 (0)1852 300 341 or visit


SMS Ltd (Specialised Marine Support)

SMS has a conducted a wide variety of tasks for many different companies on long- and short-term charter with the majority of contracts running simultaneously. Our roles have included crew and equipment transfers, dive support, guard and safety boat duties, survey support and filming roles.
Although the majority of our jobs take us away from our home base of Oban on the West coast of Scotland, we are currently on renewed long-term contracts with the Northern Lighthouse Board and Marine Scotland conducting crew and equipment transfers across the West coast. All our vessels are supplied with support vehicles and mobile containers acting as mobile workshops and welfare units.
Our aim is to ensure that safe, versatile and modern multi role support vessels, complete with a comprehensive support infrastructure are available to the Offshore Renewables and Construction Industries throughout the UK and Europe.
Specialised Marine Support Ltd (SMS) is an ISO 9001:2008 accredited and Achilles FPAL registered company based in Scotland providing support vessels to the offshore renewables and offshore
construction industries throughout Europe. All vessels are road transportable.
We can supply:
11-14m Cabin RIBS
10m Open RIBS
10m Fast Landing Craft
Evolution 38
For further information contactIain Hillon+44 (0)1852 300 341or


Sparrows Group Ltd

A global provider ofengineered products and services to the oil and gas, renewables and industrial sectors.
Although we supply our engineered products and services to a variety of industry applications we specialise in delivering structured and bespoke solutions in the safety critical areas of lifting and mechanical handling, cable and pipe lay, and fluid power.

What we do
Working across the asset life cycle we: design, manufacture, rent, sell, operate, maintain, inspect, certify, refurbish, upgrade, remove, and replace equipment, and develop and train people.
The broad categories of products and services we offer include:
-Engineering support
-Equipment manufacture, sale & rental
-Equipment & operations management
-Inspection & integrity management
-Training and competence assessment

-Parts supply
For further information contact Craig Walker on +44 (0)1224 704868 or


Spie WHS

Spie Limited is a specialist electrical and instrumentation services provider within the industrial market. Its markets include power generation, onshore and offshore oil and gas and specialist manufacturing. It has a long established culture and core engineering skills. SPIE supports and brings innovative solutions to local authorities and businesses to design, build, operate and maintain their facilities.
For further information please contact Steve Craddock on +44 (0)1642769085 or visit


Sulzer Chemtech (UK) Ltd

Sulzer Chemtech tower field service (TFS) is a global leader providing maintenance of columns and vessels, including tray and packing installation. Sulzer can provide inspection and revamping of all process equipment.
Years of successful tower and vessel experience assures our customers of a partner who can work in a safely, is cost effective and technically experienced.
This experience obtained by our teams assures Sulzer Tower Field Service can provide a specialised service that will minimise downtime for both planned and unplanned shutdowns/Turnaround events.
Sulzer Chemtech Ltd is an acknowledged leader in the field of mass transfer and separation technology with a broad product range including structured packing, trays, random packings, mist eliminators, coalesces and associated process internals. From rapid delivery of spare components to complete engineering support of column design, Sulzer Chemtech draw on a wealth of experience to provide reliable support for turnaround and revamp projects.

For further details visit
Or contact Paul Saunders +44(0)1642873520


ThyssenKrupp Rothe Erde UK Ltd

Located in Peterlee, Co Durham, ThyssenKrupp Rothe Erde company is a member of the ThyssenKrupp organisation.
Manufacturing slewing bearings of diameters of up to 2100 mm, including both ball and roller bearings. Wire race bearings are also manufactured and supplied for various applications. Other product ranges include the supply of seamless rolled steel and non-ferrous rings, turntables and structural elements.
ThyssenKrupp slewing bearings have been for decades developed and researched by state-of-the-art technology for customers worldwide in a variety of applications.
Advanced calculation techniques such as Finite Element Analysis, guarantees economical and safe dimensions of load transmitting elements and of components where deformation is a critical factor.
The competent consultation with our customers, the high quality of the products and the innovative further development of the technology in the Research & Development centre at our Lippstadt, Germany works are the foundation to actively take on the challenges proposed by our international markets.
With our Headquarters & main manufacturing plants in Dortmund and Lippstadt, Germany we also have other manufacturing subsidiaries in USA, Brazil, Spain, Italy, France, Japan, China and shortly India. In addition to the above we have sales agencies in all major Industrial countries giving ThyssenKrupp Rothe Erde a worldwide market presence much to our customer's advantage.
For further information contact Andrew Streatfield on +44(0)191 5188600 or visit


TMS Maritime Ltd

Teignmouth Maritime Services Ltd (TMS) is a medium-sized marine civil engineering contractor and marine plant hire specialist, working throughout the UK and Europe. Our expertise is focused on in-shore and inland waterway projects where minimal depth of water or tidal working is required. TMS undertakes projects either as a subcontractor or Principal Contractor. We have a varied client list including Local Authorities, Harbour Authorities, Main Contractors, Armed Forces of varying Nations and the Environment Agency. TMS operates Quality, Environmental and Health & Safety Management systems that are accredited to ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO45001 respectively and are accredited to CHAS, ADC, Construction Line, FSB, Achilles, RISQS and others

For further information contact or 01626 866 066 or visit


Uplands Engineering Limited

Marine and Industrial Engineering and Fabrication specialists with a positive 'can do' attitude offering a genuine 24/7 worldwide service to customers since 1986. Our goals are to provide comprehensive and effective engineering solutions to our customers keeping their fleets sailing and their businesses operating with minimum disruptions and downtime.
Our bespoke workshop facilities at Faversham, Dover and the Medway estuary cater for the overhaul and re-conditioning of marine diesel engines, coded welding, UKCA level 3 structural fabrication and the support of the UK aggregate dredging industry. Our fully equipped machine shop can cater for all of your machining requirements.
Our award-winning energy solutions department delivers engineering support to most major energy suppliers and CHP centres.
Uplands Engineering are also ISO 9001 and UKCA exec level 3 accredited.
Please browse our website for further information.
01227 751033 (24 hour)


Wallace Marine Ltd

WALLACE MARINE LTD supplied, installed, tested & commissioned a new 15 ppm oily water separator as Glasgow Nautical College with Class for students of our future.

The new cadets from around the world will learn and operate this new piece of equipment as part of the training programme.

We have installed (9) new Sperre air compressors with Lloyds class certification, please see pic attached. (JH120)
PNTL Vessels in Barrow In Furness.

Installations, repairs & suppliers genuine, oem & good quality replacement spares to suit all budgets.

Our sales team have over 30 years experience in the oil & gas offshore & marine industry.

We supply endless spares for these industries which service on/offshore markets worldwide. We can source all Oil/Gas machinery equipment with supplying unique spares.

We can offer genuine spares or good quality replacement equipment with Lloyds/DNV/Bureau Veritas/ATEX Class Certificates if required. The below link gives you further information.

If you have any new or existing projects that require our expertise, please feel free to contact us.

We can also supply and install VACON variable speed drives.

We can offer new emergency fire pumps with certificates.

We can offer all ships machinery & ships spare parts.

Our website visit our web

Please find below our scope of supply.

From this we stock almost all wear and tear parts, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Turbochargers :BBC, NAPIER, HOLSET, MAN, KKK, Air Research Etc.

Compressors : Sperre, Hamworthy, Atlas Copco, Ingersoll Rand, Hatlapa, Tamrotor, Tanabe, JP Sauer Etc.

Refigeration & Air Con : Sabroe, Daikin, Bitzer, Bock, Mitsubishi, York, Carrier, Copeland Etc.

Separators / Centrifuges :Alfa Laval, Westfalia, Mitsubishi, Sharples Etc.

Pumps :ABB, Weirs, Sulzer, Shinko, Haskell, Hamworthy, IMO, Allweiller, Grunfos, Desmi, Haigh Macerator, Godiva, Comet, Girdlestone, Worthington Simpson, Gabarino, Rotan, Roto Pump, Lowara, Dowty, Jabsco, Jets, Whale Etc.

Engine Pneumatics :We are official Bosch Rexroth sales partner; Wabco (Aventics), Nabco, Kawasaki Etc.

Electric Motors :ABB, WEG, Brook Crompton, Stamford, Newage Etc

Safety Equipment :TYCO, CHUBB, Thermodyne, Graviner Kidde, Mobrey Measurement, Safety Suits, Fire Hoses, Fire Boxes, Breathing Air Eqpt.Safety Harness & Reels, Ladders, EVAC Chair, Tank Monitors

Mooring Eqpt :Winches, Chain, Anchors, WireCable, Shackles, Rope, Rope Ladders Etc.

Supply/Installation :Variable Speed Drives VACON DRIVES, SIEMENS & many more manufactures.

Also Galley Range Eqpt, Sewage Plants, BowThrusters, Generators, Emergency Fire Pumps Etc.

We supply & install ships machinery.

For further information contact John Hayes on 07947 00 3337 or visit


Wartsila UK Ltd

Wartsila services UK have the widest offering in the market whichcovers installations from spare parts, maintenance and technical support to upgrade & retrofit and full service agreements for the marine, offshore and industrial markets.
Wartsila Engine services provide complete engine related system services, covering both Wartsila and other engine makes in house or on site with a qualified team of engineers ready to be deployed, covering all requirements on land, in port and at sea.Both Aberdeen and Segensworth workshops have fuel injection facilities that can offer service and overhaul on all types of fuel injectors and fuel pumps
Wartsila Automation Services in Montrose are equipped to offer a complete electrical package including conceptual design, engineering, assembly, installation and commissioning of retrofit systems and fully recognise the importance of on-site support and application engineering. Wartsila Automation are also proud to be the Authorised Service Centre and Agent for Basler Electric Company who are world leaders in power control and protection. Basler trained commissioning engineers are available to troubleshoot and commission AVR systems.Wartsila Propulsion Services UK, range from in-situ machining, straightening propeller shafts and rudder stocks, repair, retrofit and rebuilding as well as environmental solutions for metallurgical repairs of both propellers and shaft seals. Work is carried out in the fully equipped repair facility in Glasgow or on site anywhere in the world. Wartsila propulsion UK have a full team of highly qualified and professional service engineers who attend dry dockings to supervise and carry out hub overhauls, thrusters repairs and control set ups.
Our service businesses support all customers throughout the lifecycle of their installation.


WPH Marine Construction

WPH have over 40 years' experience of large and small projects in the field of Marine Construction, Demolition & Plant Hire and is fully compliant with Health and Safety requirements.

We are ISO 9001 registered and the winners of two prestigious Institute of Civil Engineers awards.
All our craft are Port of London Authority registered. The company is a PLA registered and approved contractor.
For further information contact Alan Edwards on +44 (0)1795 422 764 or visit