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Hydroscand Plymouth chosen to finish work on the wheelchair accessible boat Artemis

Our team in Plymouth were invited to tender and won the contract to finish work on the Artemis, the
wheelchair accessible, expedition Dazcat.

Multimarine Manufacturing Ltd are the leading UK experts in all custom boat builds and conversions.
Oriel Butcher in Marketing and Media said: “One example is the Artemis, which was designed and
built on site in Cornwall, to circumnavigate under sail, exploring remote areas.”

Owner Tom, who was an ex-army officer and injured in a friendly rugby match, came up with the
Artemis. Oriel said: “The most innovative aspects of the boat are the rig set up and sail handling, and
the boat manoeuvring, all designed to be managed from Tom’s chair. All of this required some
systems to be installed that don’t normally feature in Multimarine boats, which is where Hydroscand
entered the picture.”

Multimarine, are based in Southeast Cornwall and have been working with our branch in Plymouth for
around 5 years.

The Artemis hadn’t been fully completed. So, on recommendation from a local crane company, and
John one of the yard engineers, who had previously worked with Hydroscand, we were invited to
tender. Although we had already completed a few marine projects.

Oriel said: “Hydroscand’s quote came in as the most economically viable. They also presented as the
most professional and previous experience of the company indicated they were reliable. They have
proven good on all counts and have also installed systems on another highly innovative Multimarine
wheelchair accessible powered trimaran.

“Multimarine are delighted to be working with such a professional and dedicated company with locally
based offices and connections.”

Mark Skinner, Branch Manager at our Plymouth branch said: “We installed the Thermoplastic
hydraulic hoses for the boats steering system which ran from the stern of the boat to the cockpit,
linking in with the auto-pilot and the pump.

“We were excited to win the contract. We have worked for many years with Multimarine, and it was
great to work with them again. It was a fantastic team effort by everyone at the branch.”

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