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Freeport bid from Hutchison Ports UK


With the UK Treasury having opened the bidding processfor Freeport funding Hutchinson Ports will be submitting their bid ‘n due course

According to Clemence Cheng, Executive Director of Hutchison Ports and Managing Director of Hutchison Ports Europe,Freeport East would focus on Felixstowe and Harwich, located on both sides of the Haven Estuary and is a public-private partnershipbetween Hutchison Ports, the University of Cambridge, numerous business and local government leaders from Essex, Suffolk, and Galloper Windfarm maintenance base at Harwich.

Their launch statement says "Freeport East is ideally positioned to lead on decarbonisation of the country’s energy needs."

Detailed plans will be set out in a formal bid document and the project team will be led by George Kieffer who is Chairman of the Haven Gateway and the Estuary Housing Association.

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