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Metals And Mining Insights

Whether a new entrant or existing player, UK Ports delivers unrivalled expertise, information and strategic insight to the global metals and mining industry.

Covering all aspects of business decision making, we provide solutions from concept to market for:

  • Executivesand decision makers to raise capital, develop long-term business strategies and investment decisions
  • Purchasers to obtain raw materials and source materials, to identify and evaluate risk when selecting mine locations
  • Those who need to find markets for their products and services
  • Health and safety managers who need to stay abreast of the latest health and safety issues
  • Marketing managers and financial investors looking for insights into market opportunities
  • Compliance and regulation officers who need to meet regulatory and environmental obligations

Where UK Ports Can Help

UK Ports consultants can deliver detailed market knowledge and the latest updates in operational safety regulations, as well as short- and long-term global and regional forecasts to help you:

  • Reduce costs and increase efficiency
  • Reduce risk,terrorism, economic, compliance, political and sustainability
  • Increase growth by identifying new markets and new opportunities
  • Accurately access forecasts for supply, demand, emissions, price, economies, risks, and regulatory developments
  • EHS and sustainability management programmes

Iron and Coal

From producers to purchasers, UK Ports covers the entire mining process foriron and coal industry. Beginning with country risk assessments ofmine locations,end-user supply chains, to timing buys with:

  • Pricing and cost forecasts
  • Register for analysis
  • Security riskand country intelligence register for analysis
  • Market analysis, forecasts andpredictions

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