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Aggreko UK Ltd

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Business Description



Aggreko works with port authorities across the globe to provide rental power generation and temperature control services. These help to support customers whilst assets are laying idle, so they can be quickly re-mobilised when the time comes.


1. Environmental control equipment to preserve assets


Whilst vessels are laid up, it is important for on-board assets to be kept in optimum condition, so they can be redeployed in future without excessive cost.


Aggreko can install temporary on-board temperature control equipment to prevent corrosion, condensation and freezing, caused by unwanted moisture and salt from coastal conditions.


Using a variety of heating and dehumidification equipment, the temperature and humidity of internal air spaces can be controlled. This ensures void spaces within machinery and pipelines remain dry and prevents corrosion damage and moisture absorption into electrical cables and fittings.




By creating a stable environment, our rental equipment ensures assets, such as the engine room, bridge and sensitive electronic equipment, remain in peak condition, no matter how long it takes before they are recommissioned.



2. Cost effective power


Whether hot or cold stacked, vessels will require some degree of power for tasks such as routine regular maintenance, or heating and lighting for crew. By using temporary dock side rental generators, customers can shut down their main engines or existing oversized emergency generators and improve operational and cost efficiency. As we undertake the refuelling, servicing and maintenance of our generators, customers can save additional money and manpower too.




There is a growing demand for dockyards to consider using low carbon emissions power. In such cases, gas generators can be a viable option.



3. Equipment testing prior to redeployment


If market conditions pick up, a re-mobilisation plan will be needed. As part of this process all power supplies and HVAC equipment should be load tested to ensure it functions properly when returned to full working order. The Aggreko team is experienced at providing this capability to load test the main generators, emergency generators, and any cooling systems on the vessel.




Rental solutions offer three main benefits:


Flexibility: Rental equipment can be scaled up or down with very short lead times to supply variable demands.


Wide range of equipment: Renting equipment offers the ability to change equipment, dependent on ambient temperatures or on-board power requirements.


End to end solution: Aggreko provides a complete service, from site survey, through to installation, continuous maintenance, refuelling and extraction.



If you wish to talk to us about requirements, please contact us on +44 (0)3458 24 7 365 or email 


Argon Isotank Ltd

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Your one-stop-shop for all your offshore tank container needs.


Oilfield Tanks Rentals-Acid Tanks-Chemical Tanks –Water Tanks-Cryogenic Tanks-Spreader Beams-Pumps-Logistics-Tanks Cleaning-Maintenance Repair.


NEW : In house periodic inspection and pressure valve testing service.


For further details contact Jon Bodicoat or Brayden Sutherland on Telephone 01224 230530 or email

Atmosphere Cooling Limited

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 As a result of controlled sustained growth we have developed into one of the UK’s leading independent refrigeration design, project management, service and maintenance providers providing blast freezers, chillers and refrigeration monitoring services.

For further information please contact Geoff Daren on 01536 485 622 or visit

Forklift Solutions Ltd

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Our Vision

By providing value for money, quality products and unsurpassed levels of service to our customers at all times resulting in Forklift Solutions Ltd being recognised as one of the best independent forklift companies to deal with.


Our People

Our first class workforce delivers the highest levels of customer service with over 95+ years of combined industry experience in the Materials Handling Industry.


Our Quality

Committing to the ‘do it once, do it well’ mentality and operating to the industry’s own CFTS Quality Assurance Procedural Code, we can assure our customers that we will reach and surpass the requisite standards.


Our Products

Forklift Solutions Ltd specialise in Short & Long Term Hire, Sales, Service & Operator Training to our customers.

We specialise in Heavy Duty Forklift Trucks from 1ton to 32 ton in stock and are the main dealers for the Industry leading Still Range of Products & Equipment.

For further information please contact Mark Smith on 0191 461 1587 or visit


Terberg DTS (UK) Ltd

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The Terberg TT183/223 series terminal tractors are 4 x 2 units designed for applications requiring extensive reversing and where a 180 Degrees swivelling seat is therefore essential.


TT tractors combine the spacious cab, Ergoturn Trademark swivelling seat and rear sliding door of the RT series with the agility of the YT series. For sites with slopes and ramps you may want to consider the RT 4 x 4 series.


For further details contact Sales on Telephone +44(0)1422 257 100 or visit

Terberg DTS (UK) Ltd

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Phone : +44 1422 257 100
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The Terberg TT183/223 series terminal tractors are 4 x 2 units designed for applications requiring extensive reversing and where a 180 degrees swivelling seat is therefore essential.

TT tractors combine the spacious cab, Ergoturn Trademark swivelling seat and rear sliding door of the RT series with the agility of the YT series. For sites with slopes and ramps you may want to consider the RT 4 x 4 series.

For further details contact Sales on Telephone +44(0)1422 257 100 or visit


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 Here at VeriLocation, we offer a wide range of fleet tracking and gps tracking solutions. All of our gps car tracker units use the latest Sirf chipsets and provide excellent long term reliable performance. We add real value to our customer's businesses, large or small by helping them to improve efficiency and save costs on a daily basis.

For further information please contact Helena Overton on 01604 859 854 or visit

Webasto Thermo & Comfort UK

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Enjoy the ideal on-board atmosphere.

Summer temperatures below deck - also during the colder months


Heaters have a longstanding tradition at Webasto. For more than 80 years we have been at the cutting edge when it comes to the development of fuel-fired heating technology. Every day, leading automotive manufacturers and boat builders rely on the advanced design and technology of our Webasto heaters.



The weather at sea changes more quickly than anywhere else. Extend your boating season with a Webasto heating solution and discover the beauty of the winter at sea.We deliver innovative high-quality air and water heaters, with specific marine installation kits, that contribute to the enhancement of on board comfort. These two technologies provide economical, powerful and reliable solutions to our customers. There is a Webasto heating solution for every need.


For pleasant cozy warmth



Marine air heating solutions"

For pleasantly cozy warmth




Marine water heating solutions

Central warmth distribution




Marine water stations & boilers

Hot water for long showers





Marine heating solution controls

Control elements




Easy access to drinks and food

Indel Webasto Refrigeration Solutions


At the beginning of 2008, Webasto and Indel B, one of the leading refrigerator manufacturers in Italy, formed an alliance to achieve more comfort on board: The joint venture was named Indel Webasto Marine. Their product brands, Isotherm and Isotemp, are well known throughout the marine industry and are considered to be a synonym for quality.

Isotherm refrigerators and freezers are the result of careful research. Marine refrigerators operate under tough conditions: They must withstand violent movement, operate noiselessly, be thoroughly reliable – and perhaps the most important of all – consume the absolute minimum battery power.


When cooling makes the difference to comfort.



Smart refrigeration solutions

Fridges & Freezers



Smart refrigeration solutions

Cooling units



Take away comfort

Cooling Boxes





Two temperature preferences – one reliable system.

You can’t control the weather, but the climate below deck!


Webasto is the only supplier of complete climate solutions in the Marine industry. Providing heating and cooling comfort from a single source and unlimited options for climate comfort below deck.



Seafarers do not like limitations. That is why Webasto has developed solutions which extend the boating season. Most air-conditioning systems feature a circuit inversion function which allows the system to be used for heating.

Webasto offers the BlueComfort system for total independence from environmental conditions. It consists of water heating and air conditioning integrated into a single system. This unique solution is cost-effective and compact and provides a perfect climate via a single centralized system.


Full performance in all conditions: BlueComfort heating and cooling integrated solutions



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Thermo and Comfort UK Ltd

Andy Edwards - Market Manager Marine

Webasto House, White Rose Way

Doncaster Carr, South Yorkshire, DN4 5JH

United Kingdom


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