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 ABLOY is an internationally renowned security and locking innovation company, and UK Critical Infrastructure organisations have been specifying Abloy locking solutions for over 50 years, with proven success in remote locations and harsh environments.  

Several major Critical Infrastructure businesses have engaged with Abloy’s Digital Transformation Team to install the CLIQ® locking system including Associated British ports, Gatwick Airport, Network Rail and Highways Agency. The systems capabilities provide benefits across multiple departments including Security, Operations, H&S and Competency: 

         No more SECURITY THREAT of missing keys – access permission for missing keys can be revoked immediately  

         No more RISK of shared or lost keys – staff and contractors can only use their own key to gain access to designated areas  

         Full AUDIT TRAIL – you know who has used which key, where and when  

         Guaranteed Operational TIME SAVINGS – update keys on the move without visiting  central hub  

         SUSTAINABILITY improvements and reduction of carbon foot print by reducing unnecessary travel to collect keys  

         Integrated HEALTH AND SAFETY MANAGEMENT– integrate CLIQ into H&S processes to reduce RISK associated with areas such as High Voltage, Lone Working and At Height  

         PERMIT TO WORK integration ensures permits to work are up to date and only allows access when certified  

         PROVE COMPETENCY, ENSURE COMPLIANCE  – CLIQ keys and locks provide analytics and traceability  of every action providing data to support  individual competency requirements


For further information contact Phil Rice on +44 (0)1902 364500 or visit

Barrier Ltd

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Over the past 20 years, the company has introduced Passive Fire Protection, Architectural and Insulation Services, Pipeline Coatings, Subsea Insulation, Scaffolding, Containment and Access.

Barrier has expanded into the Petrochemical market, carrying out corrosion and passive fire protection on pre assembled steelwork, in-situ on both new and upgrade work to refineries in the UK and worldwide.

The company has also expanded in to the marine market carrying out corrosion protection and scaffolding to Ministry of Defence ships and nuclear submarines. It has also been involved with the upgrading of FPSOs, supplying all our services including tank coatings to the cargo tanks and water-ballast tanks.

New companies have been formed to extend the capability of the company into markets where its services are required, especially in the EEC, Scandinavia, Canada, the Middle and Far East. In countries where the training of local labour in offshore procedures is appropriate, joint venture companies have been formed.   


For further information contact Darren Shepherd on 0191 262 0510 or visit 

Donut International Ltd

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 DONUT is the established market leader in the development and manufacture of personal escape descent devices.  Our head office is based in the United Kingdom, with DONUT International Ltd supporting sales, services and training to offshore markets globally. DONUT Safeland Limited provides sales, services & training to the onshore market for building or industrial applications and, with Donut Safeland do Brasil Ltda, provide sales and servicing to Latin America. Together these companies form the DONUT Alliance.  We have over 30 years' expertise in the supply, development and manufacture of personal escape equipment for applications within the marine, gas, petroleum, renewable and construction industries, both onshore and offshore, with tens of thousands of units sold and in service globally.  We provide a bespoke service to Operators, with regards to the supply, design and implementation of the DONUT Escape System, onboard their offshore installations. We understand that continual maintenance for mechanical alternatives can be costly which is why the Donut has been designed to be cost-effective.


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 Across many sectors, Dräger Fire & Gas Detection Systems are used and deployed in industrial and business facilities, in public buildings and indeed wherever people and property have to be protected against injury or damage. We protect workplaces against both toxic and flammable gas hazards, warn against potentially dangerous leaks and provide breathing air in critical environments, buildings as well as in transportation.

Our solutions and products are developed in close cooperation with our customers. Based on the individual safety and protection goals, we support you with considerable engineering know-how and expertise and provide services that help to reduce your cost and save resources.

For further information please visit or call +44(0)1670 561 413

Eaton’s Cooper Crouse-Hinds (UK) Ltd

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Business Description As now part of Eaton Corporation plc, Cooper Crouse-Hinds is the number one company in the field of explosion protection. Committed to technological progress, we develop and manufacture a range of products that cover all the requirements currently placed on modern, explosion-protected, electrical installation technology, including illumination, safeguarding, signaling, controlling, instrumentation and distribution of electrical energy in potentially explosive atmospheres. For more than 100 years our brand CEAG stands for innovation and safety you can trust in harsh and hazardous environments. In our production plants in Germany, England and Spain, we manufacture a wide range of products that enhance your safety and productivity. Cooper Crouse-Hinds supplies products and solutions that comply with all the latest directives and standards – worldwide. In addition to systems and components built to ATEX Directives and European Standards, the company also provides solutions approvals, e.g. for Eastern European countries, Russia and Kazakhstan (GOST), China and North America. Our global footprint ensures that our products can be delivered to the most remote places in the world and that you will always be supported by our local teams. Highly skilled engineers design custom made solutions that cater to your needs.

Fire Shield Systems Ltd

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Fire Shield Systems Ltd design, install & maintain bespoke and accredited solutions for fire protection across a number of high-risk industries.


We are the exclusive distributor, service and parts provider of the Dafo Vehicle Fire Protection System for the UK & Ireland. Based out of our state of the art facility in the East Midlands in the UK and with a base in County Kildare Ireland this gives us fast effective UK & Ireland wide coverage with an expansive fleet of engineers and vans.

When working in docks and ports, you’re dealing with a number of potential hazards…

From fertilisers to biomass, wood chip and animal feed to name but a few. When you’re also working with cranes and vehicles with high temperature engines, there’s always the potential for fires. And having essential machinery like a straddle carrier out of action for any significant time is simply not an option. Our expertise can help you stop minor fires becoming serious problems, protecting operators, machinery, ships and containers alike. We have a good understanding and knowledge of the strict procedures and protocols that ports operate under. Being a member of the Port Skills & Safety Group means our fast response times are matched by the correct levels of health & safety expertise.


For additional information contact James Mountain on +44(0)800 9755767 or visit

Fire Shield Systems Ltd

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Fire Shield Systems Ltd design, install & maintain bespoke and accredited solutions for fire protection across a number of high-risk industries.

We are the exclusive distributor, service and parts provider of the Dafo Vehicle Fire Protection System for the UK & Ireland. Based out of our state of the art facility in the East Midlands, UK and with a base in County Kildare Ireland this gives us fast and effective UK & Ireland wide coverage with an expansive fleet of engineers and vans.




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One of the most important things in your business and operations is site safety; not only    is this key for your staff and the public, but it’s vital because of how valuable your machinery, vehicles and premises are to you. At Fireward we understand how devastating a fire can be, because without adequate protection it can take a matter of minutes to bring a company to its knees.

That’s why we’re dedicated to designing and installing only the best fire suppression systems, detecting fires immediately and extinguishing them before they can start to cause damage. We offer a whole range of systems for every sector and application, meaning you can protect everything from cranes and server racks, to trains and entire airport hangars.

Fire suppression technology continually develops and we’re at the cutting edge of the industry, with more and more insurance companies demanding your business has fire suppression installed before granting coverage, there has never been a better time to protect your assets.

Whether single installations or multiple, large-scale projects, our expert team of engineers are on hand to tackle any challenge. We’ll tailor systems to your requirements for easy installation and to help you avoid the impact of a disastrous fire.

For more information about our operations throughout UK, or to arrange for one of our engineers to evaluate your site, machinery or equipment, contact us today and we’ll be happy to help.

For further information contact Sam Malins on 0800 151 0249 or visit

Geo Sight

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GEOSIGHT was established in 2016 and has evolved to become a small team of professional geospatial surveyors who provide clients with precise and accurate dimension data of both the built and natural environments using modern, cutting-edge equipment and techniques.


Our reputation is built on our professionalism and quality because at every stage we adhere to the professional standards of the geospatial industry as evidenced through our on-going regulation by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.


At GEOSIGHT we are committed to our small team who create the foundation for our company. Our team are dedicated professionals who have trained and practised within the geospatial industry for many years and who continually strive to develop their professional skills in developing technologies and techniques, which allows us to remain at the forefront of the industry and to continue to deliver accuracy and efficiency at a competitive price for our clients.


We pride ourselves on our ethical and professional services. Our company is deliberately structured to support people who work with us to balance their personal and professional lives with the ability to work from home, minimize travel, support their autonomy and growth potential. We work in a paperless environment as much as possible and ensure our work materials are mindfully resourced and utilised to minimize impact on the environment.



HIK Vision

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Hikvision advances the core technologies of audio and video encoding, video image processing, and related data storage, as well as forward-looking technologies such as cloud computing, big data, and deep learning. Over the past several years, Hikvision deepened its knowledge and experience in meeting customer needs in various vertical markets, including public security, transportation, education, healthcare, financial institutions, and energy, as well as intelligent buildings. Accordingly, the company provides professional and customized solutions to meet diverse market requirements. In addition to the video surveillance industry, Hikvision extended its business to smart home tech, industrial automation, and automotive electronics industries — all based on video intelligence technology — to explore channels for sustaining long-term development. 

Hikvision has established one of the most extensive marketing networks in the industry, comprising 44 overseas regional subsidiaries, to ensure quick responses to the needs of customers, users and partners. Hikvision products serve a diverse set of vertical markets covering more than 150 countries, such as the Philadelphia Recreation centre in the USA, the safe city project in Seoul, South Korea, Dun Laoghaire Harbour in Ireland, and the Bank of India, to name just a few.

PrimeTech UK

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Primetech is a leading systems integrator and pioneering developer of advanced technologies, communications, vehicle platforms and firefighting and lighting solutions for emergency and security services, NGOs, central and local government departments and agencies, armed forces, banks and businesses.


The company specialises in the development, provision, systems integration and support of lightweight firefighting systems such as MistTech, the upgraded MultiPod flexible de-mountable storage system, Ka-band mobile satellite broadband systems, XTAR secure X-Band channel satellite systems, and the MultiNet Comms integrated mobile incident ground communications system.


For further details contact Richard or Lesley on +44 (0) 345 3455 734 or visit 

UK Dryrisers

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 UK Dry Risers Ltd, is part of PTSG, a UK markets leader that specialises in access and safety, electrical services, specialist building access and fire solutions.   

Access and Safety  

  • Safety Testing 
  • Safety Installation 
  • Cradle Maintenance 
  • Cradle Installation  

Electrical Services 

  • Lightning Protection 
  • Surge Protection 
  • Specialist Earthing 
  • Electrical Testing  

Building Access Specialists  

  • Steeplejack Services 
  • High-Level Installations 
  • High-Level Reparation 
  • High-Level Cleaning  

Fire Services  

  • Dry Risers 
  • Sprinkler Systems 
  • Fire Alarm/Emergency Lighting
  • Fire Extinguishers 

For further information contact Phil Hastie on 0800 917 3065 or visit