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C & L Waste Oil Collection

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C & L Waste Oil Collection have a base in Great Yarmouth, they provide waste oil collection, oil spillage.

The Oil Recoveries team offer the perfect solution for your business and the environment.


C&L Waste Oil Collection Ltd

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 It's a dirty business but someone has to do it!

C&L Waste Oil Collection are  a leading Oil& Non-Hazardous Port waste Collection service. 

Oil filters, Waste disposal of all non-harzardous liquid waste, dirty water & diesel.

Crown Oil enviromental Ltd

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Crown Oil Environmental Ltd was born out of our commitment to provide only the best service for our customers. Originally a sidearm of our oil supply business, Crown Oil, Environmental Services has become a dedicated part of our business operations, with our website offering support and services to business in a more focused way.

We want to give businesses the environmental support they need. And because every second counts when there is a spill, shortage, or emergency, our devoted team of environmental specialists are always on hand to help.

With over 65 years’ experience supplying lubricants and fuel throughout the UK, our wealth of knowledge in the field of environmental services has steadily grown year after year and successfully branched off as its own separate entity.

Montrose Port Authority

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Gateway to the North Sea

We are the port of choice for key oil and gas suppliers, and the growing offshore renewables and decommissioning sectors. In addition we are a logistics hub for our traditional general cargo imports and exports


The Port of Montrose imports fertilisers, pulp, scrap
metals, timber, oilfield equipment and exports round
timber, grain, rapeseed, scrap metal, fertilisers,
oilfield equipment.

Montrose with its excellent road and rail communication
links with other major cities and its impressive storage
facilities make it the ideal centre for international trade and distribution throughout Scotland and Northern England.

The North Sea Oil and Gas industry is an important trade
in the port.  The Port has 1000 Meters of Quayside berthing, accepting vessels up to 145m in length, with max.7.4m draft and 25m Beam.


 “ Stevedoring provided by onsite stakeholders: Whyte Cargo Handlers & Rix Shipping” 

Pilotage section “ Compulsory for vessels over 40m LOA”

New  ship to shore bunkering capability.

For further information contact Captain Thomas Hutchison  or Lyn Harper on +44 (0) 1674 672 302 or visit

Oil Spill Response Ltd

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Oil Spill Response Limited (OSRL) is the largest international industry funded cooperative which exists to respond to oil spills wherever in the world they may occur, by providing preparedness, response and intervention services. 


Our members include oil and gas companies, ports authorities and shipping companies. As the industry leader, we have acquired a wealth of experience and a distinguished track record by attending to more than 400 oil spill incidents in the past three decades.


Our range and depth of preparedness expertise enable us to provide an extensive range of services; from contingency planning, equipment hire, personnel secondment, training and exercises to capability reviews. OSRL is an accredited training provider to the Oil, Gas and Shipping Industries. We provide a full range of courses to international training standards (International Maritime Organization (IMO)) and, where appropriate, all training delivered in the UK meets the National Oil Spill Response Training Standards issued by the UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA).


 The levels of training we offer are recognised globally and, where applicable, they carry the relevant level of certification. We also provide ICS (Incident Command System) certified courses and an extensive range of our own OSRL certified courses.


For further details visit  or Contact Emma Smillie on +44 (0)23 8033 1551





Specialist Response Solutions

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FAST-ACT® is a proprietary formulation of non-toxic high-performance speciality materials effective at neutralising a wide range of toxic chemicals with the added capability to destroy chemical warfare agents. The FAST-ACT formulation is non-flammable, non-corrosive, and significantly reduces both liquid and vapour hazards. Since the dry powder neutralises threats upon contact, on-site incident management and clean up times are reduced.



FAST-ACT® works quickly to significantly reduce hazards associated with common industrial chemicals including: acids, acidic/caustic gases, organic compounds, phosphorus and sulphur compounds, and many industrial solvents. By the nature of FAST-ACT’s innovative chemistry, hazards are chemically bound to the surface of the powder minimising off-gassing.


FAST-ACT® is offered in pressurised cylinders capable of addressing both liquid and vapour hazards, manually dispersed containers, kits for liquid hazard treatment, and mitts for equipment and small-scale decontamination. FAST-ACT can be safely applied to any liquid spill or vapour release enabling Emergency Responders to utilise one technology when faced with a wide variety of known or unknown chemical hazards.


For further information visit or contact Mike Smith on +44 (0)203 095 3978

Spill Supplies Ltd

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Protect Marine Environment from Oil Spills -

Oil booms are primarily used to protect marine areas from the damage caused by oil discharge.

Oil booms harbour, pipeline and intake projects, and can be implemented in marinas and waterways as well. They also serve to protect marine areas from unwanted debris.


Harbour Boom – is a heavy-duty, durable oil boom designed to stay in the water for years with minimum maintenance.

Typical installations include petrochemical shipping terminals, desalination plants and marinas.

The boom is constructed of very durable high tensile material. Its floats are rotary-moulded, foam filled, long and wide, providing superior buoyancy and high stability in rough water, and eliminating the need for bottom ballast to keep the boom upright.


Solid Flotation Booms can be deployed in various water environments, ranging from low to moderate and high currents.

It is a general-purpose boom that will provide years of performance. The boom is made of UV stabilised PVC membrane with chain ballast, grab handles and anchor points, making it easy to install.

They are available in different sizes and tensile strengths. We also provide solutions for custom requirements.

Rapid deployment, air-inflated boom for oil
 spill containment in protected waters with waves up to 0.3 meters.

The rapid response, air-inflated oil boom has been used extensively for both inshore and offshore applications. The boom is inflated on-site via a unique blower system and offers the advantage of a high buoyancy to weight ratio, excellent durability and stability.

It is designed not only for efficient containment of oil, but also for prevention of oil transfer to beach areas. The boom can be either deployed around an oil spill or attached to a spill response vessel in a sweep operation.

Foam-Filled Oil Booms are typically used for static or low current applications, featuring a series of flat panels that float on the water to contain oil and debris.

The floats are closed-cell to avoid taking up any water. Manufactured in UV stabilized PVC membrane fabric, the booms are fitted with zipties (class I) or ASTM slide connectors (class II) for easy coupling of the panels and quick deployment.

They can be deployed much faster than any other containment boom, due to their design, and come in five sizes.

For further information and pricing relating to any of our booms please email or call.

Tel: +44 333  0507514  or   +447989 261217


Flood Protection

Our range of flood protection and defence products are available to both homes & businesses.

With the increased levels of heavy rainfall in the UK, floods are proving to devastate more and more commercial & residential properties. Flood defence has never been more crucial. We offer cost effective flood defence solutions that are easily stored, deployed and successful in preventing damage caused by flood water. 

Vikoma International Ltd

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Vikoma International Ltd designs and manufactures an unparalleled range of equipment for hydrocarbon and chemical recovery from rivers to offshore environments and offer the lowest life cycle costs in industry. Products include : Containment Booms
-Recovery Systems-Temporary Storage- Ancillary Equipment-Vessels- Dispersant Systems.
For further details contact Paul Rayner on Tel : +44 (0)1983 200560 or visit