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Aggregate Industries

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BUSINESS DESCRIPTION Leading Aggregate suppliers Bulk Aggregates & SEA DREDGED AGGREGATES, (New 90 ton crane un loading to 300 tonnes an hour)

Dublin Port Company Ltd

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Dublin Port Company is a self-financing, private limited company wholly-owned by the State, whose business is to manage Dublin Port, Ireland’s premier port.


Dublin Port Company provides world-class facilities, services, accommodation and lands in the harbour for ships, goods and passengers.


For further details contact Charlie Murphy Dublin Port on Tel:  +353 1 8876000+353 1 8876000 .

Hogia Transport Systems Ltd

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The core of Hogia Transport Systems’ business is a range of standard software products.  Our Terminal Operating System enables highly efficient terminal operations, and integrates tightly with our Transport Planning solution for Hauliers and other Logistics Operators.  This provides a seamless operational capability reducing queuing times at gate check-in and gate-check out, as well as reducing waiting time for hauliers during freight collection, and tight integration with other port community systems such as customs and border control.  Our software is continuously developed to meet the ever growing requirements from our customers.  In addition to the Terminal Operating System and Transport Planning solutions, we also provide our own software for Ferry Booking (freight and passengers) as well as Public Transport Management and Real Time Passenger Information.
No other European software company can supply the same range of standard software solutions for the transportation sector.  Each of our solutions has been developed over time, in some cases 15–25 years. Consequently, our products are well proven and customised to their intended use.  We provide over 600 public and private sector partners on 6 continents with business critical standard software products for terminal operations, transport planning, ferry reservations, and multimodal public transport management & real time passenger information.
With Hogia’s broad portfolio of interconnected logistics software solutions, providing easy information exchange between different transport links and modes, we are in a unique position in having the ability to add value to complex and integrated transport solutions, while also delivering early benefit, early return on investment, and investment protection for the future.

North Kent Roadstone

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Leading Aggregate suppliers Bulk Aggregates & SEA DREDGED AGGREGATES,

(New 90 ton crane un loading to 300 tonnes an hour)



For further details visit or e-mail


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SMIT International are a UK leading Terminal Management & Terminal Operations also company active in a range of Marine Services including Transport, Heavy Lift, Work Boats, and Harbour Tugs. For further details contact SMIT International on Tel : 01489 563700 or email