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Bill Boley Ltd

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At Bill Boley Ltd we have over 30 years' experience in the application of hydraulic movement, hydraulic jacking and hydraulic sliding across a broad spectrum of industries. Whether you want to lift a 400 tonne shop facade in the centre of London, slide a 1500 tonne section of motorway, pre-stress a major multi-pier box girder bridge, lift an oil tank for repair or replace a motorway bridge bearing, we have the know-how and expertise to carry out your requirement -securely and safely - with the utmost care and precision.

We carry the UK's largest range of hydraulic jacks and hydraulic control equipment. These form the basis of our bespoke systems and where necessary we design and build special hydraulic jacks and equipment to meet a particular requirement.

For further information visit or contact on 01538300551 .          

Hempel UK Ltd

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Hempel is a world-leading coatings supplier to the decorative, protective, marine, container and yacht markets.

From windmills and bridges to hospitals, ships and homes, our coatings protect man-made structures from the corrosive forces of nature. They help prolong a structure's service life, reduce maintenance costs and, we like to think, make it more attractive.

Wherever we work, we always focus on innovative solutions and advanced production techniques. But our working method remains simple: we are curious, creative and self-critical, and always strive to create extra value for our customers.

We believe that the coatings industry can and should contribute to a better environment. So we invest in advanced waterborne products and innovative ideas to help customers cut fuel consumption, reduce emissions and hit their environmental targets.

We offer a full range of coatings and technical service to customers in the protective, marine and container industries. But we don’t just do big. We also supply low-solvent paints to homeowners so they can bring colour to their homes and we provide a full range of products for yacht owners.

In short, if you have something that needs painting, we most likely have a solution for it.

For further information contact Paul Avery on +44(01633) 874024 or visit


Intelligent Engineering (UK) Ltd

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·         SPS is a structural composite material comprising two metal plates bonded with a polyurethane elastomer core.

·         Polyurethane core developed jointly with BASF, who supplies all of the core material

·         Approved by major regulatory authorities, SPS is used in a wide variety of civil, maritime, and special applications including structural flooring, stadia terraces, bridge decks and the repair of maritime and offshore structures

·         SPS is much simpler than stiffened steel plate and much lighter and faster to erect than reinforced concrete.

   SPS has a lower carbon footprint and is 100% reusable.

    For further information or contact on 01753890575           

JBA Consulting

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We are engineers, environmental consultants, scientists and designers, managing weather and environmental risks and opportunities for our clients.

We have been independent and employee-owned for two decades allowing us the freedom to focus on innovation and our commitment to exceptional client service.

We do this ‘the JBA Way’, which is to work to a simple set of principles.

Pontoon Provider

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Phone : 01206 382317
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 Pontoon Provider are a dynamic, privately owned, floating modular platform supplier and marine specialist. As a 3rd generation on-water service provider, our ambition is to offer high quality, cost-effective, on-water solutions for any size project. From a simple platform to a structurally amazing design, Pontoon Provider are the UK’s on-water point-of-call. We have supplied 1m x 3m platforms for water pistol targets, commercial platforms requiring loads of 50+ tonnes for piling and drilling support, staging and stunt pontoons for movies and music events, as well as multiplatform event pontoons for the largest Triathlons in the WORLD.


For further information visit  or contact Ben Clegg on 01206382317.