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Armultra Ltd

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Phone : 01493 652150
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Armultra Ltd has been providing engineering solutions from its facility in Great Yarmouth since 1985.The company’s capabilities have grown substantially over the last 15 years since the relocation to a purpose built facility in 2001.The current facility occupies 15,000 Square Metres with dedicated Mild Steel and Exotic Metals workshops. This has enabled Armultra to strengthen its reputation in key areas of expertise. This is supported by one of the largest archive of WPQR archives in the region making us the engineering partner of choice for the following work scopes Armultra have all the systems and accreditations you would expect of one of the area’s leading engineering companies including ISO9001, 14001, FPAL Accreditation and currently on the progress of achieving our PED and BS1090:

Atkins Limited

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Phone : +44 141 220 2222
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 Atkins is at the forefront of the offshore renewables revolution, providing robust concept and detailed engineering design and owner’s engineer services in the wind, wave and tidal energy sectors.


For further details contact John Foley on +44 141 220 2222 or email 

Deep Sea & Costal Pilots Ltd

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Phone : +44 (0) 1474 814444
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Based in Gravesend in the UK, Deep Sea & Coastal Pilots is one of the largest deep sea pilotage agencies in Europe. Found over 60 years ago, Deep Sea and Coastal Pilots Ltd has a strong reputation within the industry and prides itself on the quality of its service. All of the pilots are at the forefront of any regulatory changes and have an extensive, and detailed, understanding of the English Channel and Northern European waters. We also provide our bespoke Navigational Auditing Services (compliant with the OCIMF Tanker Management Self-Assessment programme) as well as Offshore VTS Pilot services to the oil and gas exploration industry.

For additional information contact Chris Brooks on +44 (0) 1474 814444 or visit

Green Marine Solutions

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Phone : +44 (0) 191 562 3169
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Green Marine Solutions (GMS) has extensive experience in the 

renewable offshore construction industry 

Specialists in management, consultancy, personnel, agency and 

product solutions for the offshore renewables industry, 


GMS provides bespoke professional, high quality and flexible 

services adapted to meet individual client requirements. 


Marine Assurance Marine Warranty Vessel Suitability and 

Common Marine Inspections Vessel On Off Hire surveys Vessel 

Management Client representatives Asset Maintenance 

Statutory inspection Paint inspection and repair Guano and 

marine cleaning Lifting Equipment Fall arrest equipment 

Temporary power and management Fire fighting equipment 

CCTV systems Fabric maintenance Marine Coordination 

Procedural development Personnel Training Audits Software 



For further information please contact on +44 (0) 191 562 3169 

or visit

Mackinnons Solicitors

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Phone : +44 (0) 1224 632 464
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 Established for over 175 years, Mackinnons has always been associated with marine law.

 Our worldwide scope and progressive outlook has allowed our involvement with the offshore, shipping and commercial community to increase over the last 30 years to the extent that the majority of our partners spend most of their time engaged in sea related or commercial legal work.

In addition to our marine and commercial teams, we boast exclusive property law and personal advicetax and estate planning departments, providing our individual clients with unparalleled levels of service, complemented by the team’s sensitive touch and acute legal and financial awareness.

For further information contact Caroline Cumming on +44 (0)1224 632 464 or visit

Red Goat Cyber Security

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Phone : +4401173259190
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We are one of the leading experts in social engineering, insider threats and wargaming. There are many other elements to cyber security but by restricting our focus to these areas we can ensure we provide you with the very best knowledge and expertise possible.

Red Goat Cyber Security 



Cyber Attack War Gaming

For further information contact Lisa Forte on +44(0)117 325 9190 or visit