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PSW Integrity

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At PSW Integrity we enable our customers to optimise operations, reliability and costs through the implementation of best practice Asset Management and workflows. We offer training, facilitation and implementation (total or support) in all aspects of asset management, Condition monitoring and also carry out evaluation of 'current status'​ of an organisation. 
PSW Integrity are corporate members of the Institute of Asst Managers and work towards ISO 55000. 
Our core approach is; 'Manage assets in the optimum way by embedding the foundational elements'​, workflows and Condition Monitoring'​ and 'drive sustainability and keep the competitive edge through realistic and clear continuous improvement'​. We successfully enable optimised asset Management through, training, support and extensive implementation experience. 
core deliverables: Asset catalogue and hierarchy development, RCM, RCA, Criticality analysis, Barrier management, Safety critical elements, Life cycle management and engineering, Condition monitoring, VA, IR, Lubrication Analysis, UE, Optimised Maintenance strategy, Operator care development, Optimised lubrication analysis, Failure Modes Analysis, regulatory compliance, in multiple industry verticals. This has been PSW's and my approach for over 15 years.


For Further Information Please Contact Ron McKay on (+44) 7837 489 010 visit






RPS Bedford

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RPS has been providing marine analysis services for over 10 years and takes part in the Quasimeme Marine Performance Testing Scheme in line with OSPAR guidelines. RPS holds UKAS accreditation for marine sediment analysis in line with the MMO requirements. All data supplied by RPS for marine licence applications is backed up by CRM and IRM quality data which is provided to all clients.


RPS Analytical Services core expertise remains the analysis trace and ultra-trace analysis of a vast range of chemicals and contaminants in sediment, water this is achieved using state of the art instrumentation such as ICP/MS, LC-MS/MS and GC-MS/MS. RPS can offer ultra-low limits of detection using UKAS accredited methods and guidelines as described above.


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M: 07483 430962




Socotec UK Ltd

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SOCOTEC is the UK's leading provider of testing, inspection and compliance services, with comprehensive solutions in the Infrastructure & Energy, Environment & Safety sectors. With streamlined analytical processes and fast turnaround times, we can offer quality marine sediment testing and support in order to ensure minimal impact on the environment by analysing water and sediment of soils, we can aid in the accurate characterisation of contaminants and subsequent management solutions with the following range of services: 

· Onsite sampling and testing

· Specialist chemical and biological testing (including MMO accredited) 

· Quality Assurance for Marine Environmental Monitoring (QUASIMEME) scheme

SOCOTEC is MMO accredited to test for: 

· Trace Metals

· Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs)

· Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs)

· Petroleum Hydrocarbon (THC)

· Organotin compounds

· Total Organic Carbon (TOC) in marine sediments

For further information contact Emily 01283 554400 on or visit

Tykon Group

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TYKON Group are experts in drug & alcohol testing, medical screening, rail & construction training, labour supply, permanent & contract, blue & white collar recruitment, delivering our services when and where they matter most.

We’re proud to work with some of the world’s top employers to deliver a range of occupational health and testing services to keep employees fit in mind, body and spirit. TYKON Group have additional consultancy and training support if required.


For further information contact Darren Cooper on 01252 960230. Email or visit

Xylem Analytics UK limited

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“Tideland Signal, a part of Xylem Analytics, delivers the world’s most complete range of aids of navigation solutions, products, services and customer care, with innovation, safety and compliance at the core of our mission. As a part of Xylem Analytics, Tideland Signal are able to integrate Xylems real-time wave, current, MET and water quality monitoring into aids to navigation platforms, giving sites a complete view of environmental conditions. By integrating with real-time remote monitoring systems and Vessel Traffic Monitoring and Information Solutions, Tideland Signal solutions help to modernise ports & harbours, while aiding harbour masters in ensuring port safety. With complete Aids to Navigation packages delivered ready to install, Tideland Signal are used by ports and harbours, offshore oil and gas and offshore wind farms around the world.

Tideland’s products include: Rotationally Moulded Polyethylene Buoys, Lanterns, Fog Signals, Fog Detectors, Solarpower Systems, Racons, Remote Monitoring Systems and Vessel Traffic Monitoring and Information Solutions with Real-time sensors available from Xylem Analytics for water quality, Directional Wave, current speed & Direction & MET.”

For further information contact Ben Johnson on +44(0)1462 673 581 or visit