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Gems Sensors & Controls

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Phone : +44 (0)1256 320 244
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Gems Sensors & Controls is a leading manufacturer of a broad portfolio of liquid level, flow, pressure sensors, miniature solenoid valves, solid state electronics and fluidic systems.

Decades of application engineering experience has given Gems the knowledge required to deliver tailored products that measure up to todays sophisticated and critical applications.

Working around the world with global resources, and to exact customer application and manufacturing requirements, products from Gems Sensors & Controls are used in almost every industry sector.

For further details contact Nick Bloomfield on Tel: 01256 320244 or visit

Impalloy Limted

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Phone : +44(0)1922 714 400
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Sacrificial Anodes for the sacrificial protection of immersed steel using aluminium and zinc alloys have been supplied Worldwide by Impalloy for over 40 years.

We are situated some 20 minutes from the M6 and M6 toll, within 40 minutes of Birmingham airport and within walking distance of local trains. This ideal location gives us simple communications being centrally located in the UK.

An investment in our fabrication facilities has provided an unrivalled resource in the area, with pipe bending to 4″ of 12 metre lengths, brake press, plate rollers and machining. Weld qualification to 15mm in 30mm parent materials complements this extensive facility.

Sacrificial anodes are used on pipelines, platforms, subsea structures; wind turbine foundations and monopiles, wave and tidal generators; quay and harbour walls, jetties & pontoons, dock gates; ships and boats ulls, ballast, grey and potable water tanks; power station intake screens and storage tanks. In short anywhere steel is immersed in water, anodes will be found.

We specialise in manufacturing larger platform, bracelet and flush mounted Anodes, in sizes up to 4000Kg to the exacting standards of the offshore industry. Our long track record is proof of our expertise in this area.

Extensive testing using modern equipment is backed up by our DNV certification of our alloy.

Induchem UK Ltd

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Phone : +44(0)1260 277234
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Induchem Group is a provider of Specialist Process Engineering Solutions With the advantage of over 35 years’ experience we have earned a reputation as a reliable responsible partner to the global process industry.

Induchem are the UKs only valve stockist distributor service centre to be awarded Fit 4 Nuclear status by the Nuclear AMRC.

We are exclusive distributors for Crane Resistoflex and Xomox lined products Induchem Group Your Process Equipment Specialist

High Purity Products

Plant air / Pneumatics


Process Valves

Control Valves

Lined Products

Pipeline Accessories


EKATO Mixing Technology


Pumps & Vacuum

Single Use Products

For further information contact Frankie McCarthy on +44 (0)1260 277234 or visit

Metec Cathodic Protection Ltd

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Phone : 0191 731 6010
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Metec Group are Europe’s largest manufacturer of Sacrificial Cathodic protection. From 4 Global locations Metec’s foundries cast in accordance to all current standards and hold DNV long term testing certification for all zinc and aluminium anodes we manufacture for the shipping industry, subsea equipment manufacturers, Ports & Harbours, Offshore wind turbines, subsea pipelines Drilling & production rigs and many other applications.  

Metec additionally provide full CP design service for short,medium- and long-term corrosion protection of steel in water.

 Metec Group manufacture a comprehensive range of aluminium and zinc anodes to provide short, medium-and long-term corrosion protection of steel structures in water.  Our  standard range of anodes provide the shipping, offshore oil & gas, subsea equipment  manufacturers a huge range of standard stock product for immediate delivery. Metec  additionally provide full CP design for port & harbour projects, offshore wind turbine  foundations, subsea manifolds and much more. Metec foundries hold all current  certification for sacrificial anode manufacture and long term DNV testing ensures our  quality meets and exceeds the needs of our clients. Visit us  at

For further information contact Graeme Crow on 0191 731 6010 or visit

North Kent Roadstone

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Phone : 01474 333186
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 Aggregate suppliers
Bulk Aggregates, Petroleum and Coal.

Roballo Engineering Co Ltd

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Phone : 0191 5185600
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Roballo Engineering are a leading Manufacturer of slewing bearings / wire race bearings.


Innovation helps us maintain our technological edge. Our engineering expertise is reflected in numerous innovative products and solutions for which ThyssenKrupp holds patents. The people behind them are researchers who dedicate their energy to translating brilliant ideas into successful products, inventors whose innovations are born in the creative environment of our development departments. For sustainable infrastructure, efficient mobility, and better use of natural resources.


For further information Tel: Ray Carr on 0191 518 5600

ThyssenKrupp Rothe Erde UK Ltd

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Phone : +44 (0)191 5185600
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Located in Peterlee, Co Durham, ThyssenKrupp Rothe Erde company is a member of the ThyssenKrupp organisation. 

Manufacturing slewing bearings of diameters of up to 2100 mm, including both ball and roller bearings. Wire race bearings are also manufactured and supplied for various applications. Other product ranges include the supply of seamless rolled steel and non-ferrous rings, turntables and structural elements. 

ThyssenKrupp slewing bearings have been for decades developed and researched by state-of-the-art technology for customers worldwide in a variety of applications. 

Advanced calculation techniques such as Finite Element Analysis, guarantees economical and safe dimensions of load transmitting elements and of components where deformation is a critical factor. 

The competent consultation with our customers, the high quality of the products and the innovative further development of the technology in the Research & Development centre at our Lippstadt, Germany works are the foundation to actively take on the challenges proposed by our international markets.

With our Headquarters & main manufacturing plants in Dortmund and Lippstadt, Germany we also have other manufacturing subsidiaries in USA, Brazil, Spain, Italy, France, Japan, China and shortly India. In addition to the above we have sales agencies in all major Industrial countries giving ThyssenKrupp Rothe Erde a worldwide market presence much to our customer's advantage.

For further information contact Andrew Streatfield on +44(0)191 5188600 or visit