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Thomas Miller (TT Club)

Thomas Miller is an international provider of market leading insurance services. Most of the businesses we currently own or manage are acknowledged leaders in their chosen market. Our portfolio includes mutual organisations and, increasingly, specialist insurance services businesses. TT Club has single-mindedly served the international transport and logistics community since 1968, evolving alongside the industry to provide the highest quality comprehensive cover. With TT Club you can expect: Comprehensive cover Loss Prevention and expert support Integrated global reach – managed by Thomas Miller Membership advantages A claims process that is on your side Serving your industry TT Club is a specialist in the field. TT stands for ‘Through Transport’, reflecting the door-to-door nature of the risks we cover. ‘Club denotes our mutual status, with membership belonging to our Members rather than shareholders.  Insuring 80% of all containers TT Club’s leadership means that we insure 80% of all maritime containers and have an insurable interest in over 45% of the world’s top 100 ports. We also insure some of the largest freight forwarders and logistics operators, as well as hundreds of smaller operators. For further information contact Oscar Egerstrom on +44(0)20 7204 2640 or visit or

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