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Samson Materials Handling Ltd

SAMSON Materials Handling (part of the AUMUND Group) has established a suite of ship loading and discharge appliances tailored to the Ports & Terminals business handling dry bulk cargoes. With over 50 years' experience designing and manufacturing bulk materials handling equipment, we are dedicated to providing solutions that are world-class in their concept, execution and delivery.    Our products are specifically developed to offer both flexibility in operation from existing berths and high-performance loading, whilst respecting the highest environmental standards for dust and pollution control.   Mobile Shiploaders, Stackers and Import Hoppers can be utilised independently on any suitable flat quay or integrated to a permanent storage facility, using mobile conveyors on the berth to retain flexibility. This allows the berth to be used for other duties when not required for bulk export.   For further information contact Sales on +44(0)1353 665001 or visit

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