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PSW Integrity

At PSW Integrity we enable our customers to optimise operations, reliability and costs through the implementation of best practice Asset Management and workflows. We offer training, facilitation and implementation (total or support) in all aspects of Asset Management and Condition Monitoring. We also carry out evaluation of the 'current status'​ of an organisation.  PSW Integrity are corporate members of the Institute of Asset Managers and work towards ISO 55000.   Our core approach is; 'manage assets in the optimum way by embedding the foundational elements​, workflows, condition monitoring​ and drive sustainability to keep the competitive edge through realistic and clear continuous improvement'​. We successfully enable optimised Asset Management through, training, support and extensive implementation experience.  Core Deliverables are: Asset catalogue and hierarchy development, RCM, RCA, criticality analysis, barrier management, safety critical elements, life cycle management and engineering, condition monitoring, VA, IR, lubrication analysis, UE, optimised maintenancestrategy, operator care development, optimised lubrication analysis, failure modes analysis and regulatory compliance in multiple industry verticals. This has been PSW's and my approach for over 15 years.  For further information contact Lee Evans on +44 (0)151 792 8688 or visit         

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