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The standard for maintaining and examining crane ropes (including port cranes) is the latest editon ISO 4309-2017: (Cranes-Wire Ropes-Care and maintenance, inspection and discard). The 2017 revision highlights Magnetic Rope Testing (MRT) as the preferred method of internal inspection of wire ropes. Wire ropes often deteriorate from the inside, therefore without an effective way of examining internally, damage may be missed. The life span of a wire rope can be significantly increased by the use of an effective, testing and maintenance programme, saving thousands of pounds and preventing premature failure. MRT is currently the best way to inspect internally, offering a wealth of information about the condition and life span of the rope. OMS is proud to offer a full range of MRT inspection and lubrication services which can help you maintain the safety and integrity of your wire ropes. Inspection Capabilities Loose Lifting Equipment Fixed Lifting Equipment Crane Inspection and Load Testing Lifeboat Davit Inspection and Load Testing Forklift Inspections and Load Testing Wire Rope Inspection and Lybrication API Crane Inspection and Load Testing For further information contact Peter Farthing or Robert Clayton on +44 (0)1803 224780 or visit

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