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JW Auto Marine Ltd

Founded in 1972, JW Automarine are world renowned as an established leading manufacturer of Underwater Lift Bags, Buoyancy Systems, Proof Load Test Bags, Strops, Helium Bags, Flexible Tanks, Flexi-Tainers, Flexi-Dams and specialist bespoke products. Synonymous with quality and performance and reputed on fast delivery. JW Automarine lifting bags pass rigorous quality control standards and are inspected and registered to ISO 9001: 2015 requirements, to Defence Standards 05 - 91 and to IMCA D016 Rev 4 GUIDELINES. Repair and Test Procedures for lifting bags. For further information contact Chris Dawson on + 44 (0)1328 852316 or visit

For further information contact
+ 44 (0)1328 852316
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