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Foyle & Marine Dredging

  With a highly qualified and experienced management team, skilled personnel and a range of specialised plant and equipment, Foyle & Marine Dredging (formally known as Mc Cormick Transport Ltd) has gained g a reputation for quality works and value for money projects.     Dredging   Marine Dredging It is tough work but someone has to do it Dredging   Over the years we have accumulated all the equipment needed to handle any Dredging work.       Foyle & Marine specialise in undertaking all types of marine work projects throughout the Irish and British isles. We have built up a solid track record of meeting both the project’s and client’s requirements by delivering both a broad range of challenging and alternative projects.       Pipeline Outfalls | Marine Outfall   Marine Outfall   A marine outfall is a pipeline or tunnel that discharges municipal or industrial wastewater, stormwater, combined sewer overflows, cooling water, or brine effluents from water desalination plants to the sea Pipeline Outfalls   Pipeline Outfalls are becoming a main method of ensuring environental requirements are achieved.    


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