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Deep Sea & Coastal Pilots Ltd

Deep Sea and Coastal Pilots Ltd is one of the largest deep-sea pilotage agencies in Europe providing the services of Trinity House licensed Deep Sea Pilots in the English Channel and North Sea. We are a risk mitigation service aiming to provide added assurances to the safety of vessels in our waters. We provide a ready-made answer to the effects of fatigue and working hour limitations, as well as saving our clients costs through reduced bunkers by way of expert passage planning.   As well as Deep Sea Pilotage, we offer bespoke Navigational Auditing Services (compliant with the OCIMF Tanker Management Self-Assessment programme) and Traffic management services (VTS) to the oil and gas exploration industry, and other offshore services as well.    We are ISO 9001:20015 certified   For additional information contact Chris Brooks on +44 (0)1474 814 444 or visit

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