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Cargill UK

Cargill has been active in the United Kingdom since 1955 and now employs over 1200 people in 20 locations, in Bathgate, Dalton, Farnborough, Hereford, Hull, Lichfield, Liverpool (five locations), London (two locations), Manchester, Weybridge, Witham St Hughs, Wolverhampton, Worcester, Worksop and York. Cargill also has two joint ventures, an agriculture joint venture with Allied Grain (part of ABF), under the name Frontier Agriculture and a poultry joint venture with Faccenda Foods, under the name Avara.   Products & Services Cargill has activities in the following areas in the United Kingdom: ·     Alcohol production ·     Animal feed ingredients ·     Aqua nutrition ·     Asset management ·     Cotton trading ·     Energy volatility management solutions ·     Financial services and risk management ·     Food and feed ingredients sales ·     Grain and oilseed trading ·     Industrial chocolate ·     Oilseed crushing, refining and hardening ·     Poultry processing ·     Primary cocoa processing ·     Production and sales of glucose syrups, starches and starch derivatives ·     Specialty food ingredients including texturisers For further information contact David Woolleyon +44 (0)151 955 3400 or visit

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